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6th Grade Invention Unit

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Warm up with some contraptions

Invention Engine










Simple Machines, Physics and Gravity all come together to create interesting results. Creae some "Thinking Things"


Can you get a ball from the starting place to the goal using batteries, generators, sloped surfaces, springs etc.?


  1. STEP I: Learning About Inventors
  2. STEP II: Finding an Idea /Play
  3. STEP III: Research and Planning
  4. STEP IV: Developing and Testing
  5. STEP V: The Invention Convention




Learning About Inventors


Pick one of the following Inventors

Leonardo Da Vinci                              Archimedes of Syracuse

Benjamin Franklin                              Samuel Colt: Inventor of the Colt Revolver

George Westinghouse                         Henry Ford: Inventor of the Moving Assembly Line

Alexander Graham Bell                       Robert Fulton: Inventor of the Steamboat

Thomas Edison`                                   Charles Goodyear: Inventor of Vulcanized Rubber

Nikola Tesla                                        Samuel F.B. Morse: Inventor of the Telegraph and Morse Code

Dr. Jonas Salk: Inventor Polio Vaccine          Orville & Wilbur Wright: Inventors of the Airplane

Marie Curie Discovered Radium          Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak Invented the personal computer

John Deere Invented the plow                George Eastman Invented film

Mary Anderson/ Windshield Wipers           

Jan Ernst Matzeliger/shoemaker

  George Washington Carver/peanut butter

Patsy Sherman/Scotchgard™ Stain Repellent

Ruth Wakefield/Chocolate Chip Cookie Inventor

Stephanie Kwolek/Inventor of Kevlar®

Bette Nesmith Graham/Liquid Paper Inventor

Lewis Latimer/ the carbon filament.

Sarah Boone/Ironing Board

Dr. Shirley Jackson, a theoretical physicist

Pedro Flores yoyo

Ellen Ochoa - United States

Ellen Ochoa invented optical analysis system






Dr. Temple Grandin

Animal Handling Inventions
























Do a little research


Check out these sites:







http://www.cbc.ca/kids/general/the-lab/history-of-invention/default.html  Nice interactive Movie











 Take Notes


1. Copy and past into MS Word or

2. go to www.bubblus.com  and make a mind map

3. Use the software program Inspiration during classtime








Consider this: http://inventionatplay.org/matter_video_fromchild_320.html and this real invention made by a child



1. Look at different time periods in history and decide what invention has most impacted  your  lives, think beyond the computer

2. Come up with something you went would invent if they could. What would make their life easier.

3. Read about some great inventors.


Queen Victoria's Empire: Inventions that Changed the World:


American Experience: "Edison's Miracle of Light":


Benjamin Franklin: Invention Convention:


Big Apple History: Click!:



Step 4: Challenge Yourself


Check out this page on the Kids Design Network and see if you can solve the challenge



Invention challenge games








Use your Idea to Build your own invention





How are you going to share this information with the group?

1. Powerpoint

2. Photostory

3. Report

4. Poster5. Brochure


34 second video of marble machine 2 in action:

The sound of Marble Machine 2. (160k mp3)




 ABC Home | Radio | Television


Get Inventive Spark, The Lab




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