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Animal Homes-All Mixed up

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 Where does Each Animal Live?

The place where they live is called a habitat!



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Animal Jam


    Image: Animal Jam Characters

    Discover real-world plant and animal information when you play Animal Jam.

    Check It Out







 Built a Beast







Create your own mixed up animal here







Switcheroo zoo - make new animals from parts of others - the merging is great! Also featured is build an online habitat to make for a given animal - how near is your match? 


Project-with teachers help


Kid's Work Deluxe



#1 What Animals would we see in the zoo??


The Zoo

  Title Page: Delete default title. With Text Tool--type either  The Zoo  . Correct child's name if necessary. Pick desired front cover. Page 2 (unlined): Choose a sticker from "Zoo Animals" categoriey. Use Enlarge Tool & Move Tool as necessary. With Text Tool--type text per sample. Page 3 & 4 (unlined): Same as page 2 but with another sticker. Print as "Booklet--All". KWD (.sto) story file.


#2 Land  Air and Water Animals


Template #14


Using the nature stamps-Students stamp animals into the habitat



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