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Architecture and Design


Design Considerations










Step #1 -What is architecture?



According to Websterís Dictionary, it is 1: the art or science of building, specifically, the art or practice of designing and building structures, especially habitable ones. 2: formation or construction as or as if as the result is a conscious act. 3: architectural product or work. 4: a method or style of building.



taken from http://www.takus.com/architecture/types.html


Types of Architecture


Alan Gowans categorizes basic architectural types into ten categories which have always stood for and served social institutions universally:

A. Monument and Tomb, commemorates the past of a society such as the Iwojima Monument at Arlington National Cemetary or Grantís Tomb in New York.

B. Shrine and Sanctuary, or a place of ceremonies and rituals, binding a community together, such as the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., or your hometown church or synagogue.

C. Wall and Fort, protection against attacks, such as the Great Wall of China or the Tower of London, a military barracks, or an armory.

D. Shelter, basic protection against the elements; a barn for animals, bus shelter, or grain silo.

E. Homestead, a place to raise a family; your familyís house. An essential element of a homestead is the hearth.

F. Palace, a living and working space for rulers such as Buckingham Palace, Versailles, or the United States Capitol; a place where government meets the people.

G. Public Works, foundations of civilized life, such as windmills, roads, bridges, water works, the railroads and subways, airport terminals etc.

H. Mansion, a large homestead, to include servants. These are built by weathy individuals to proclaim superior social status, such as the Vanderbilt home in New York City or a large Southern planatation. Included in the Mansion category is the apartment house, and hotels.

J. Shops and Offices, facilities for distributing goods or services, such as a villageís general store to the Mall of America outside Minneapolis/St. Paul, or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or your favorite diner.

K. Amenities, places for community welfare and recreation, such as hospitals, orphanages, libraries, museums, institutional housing such as nursing homes, fairgrounds, or a union hall.



Drawing a Design


Step #2 -Let's use some on-line tools to create floor plans


One of the largest growing fields  that use computers is that of archetecture and design. These tools  use a computer interface. Often refered to as C.A.D. it means Computer Assisted Design. Tools that allow you to create a virtual drawing to scale that can later be built.


tape measuredrawing projects

1. Draw a floorplan

2. Draw a dream classroom

3. Draw a picture of the tallest building in your neighborhood

4. Draw a house for a gnome, a king, or a president

 A Classroom Map





Next let's see how businesses offer free on-line design tools to ssell paint, fabric and furniture.


Design a room, change colors furniture ect




Click  enjoy SeeMyDesign Preview, Layout, Planner, interior design styles, resources, home decorating examples, principles, design help, things to consider, interior design associations, room elements and design elements




Sign up for a free account and create a Floorplan








Have a Little Fun


Create a City: City Creator http://www.citycreator.com






Step #4 -Choose one of basic architectural types you read about above (A-K) and use


Sketch-up to create 3d designs. We will put your virtual models on google earth. Choose a


partner, print and display your drawings and create an informational poster.


Purpose of the poster is to "Sell " your project to potential buyers.






Step #5: Choose A or B


  A.From your virtual designs create  A MODEL


tape measuresmall projects

1. Use toothpicks to make a hollow structure.

2. Build a house of cards

3. Build shapes with straws

3. Use Paper Cut Outs to build your own town







B. Do a Full Report on Frank Lloyd Wright



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resource pages:









Must include the following elements




A. His Early Life

B. His early years working for others

C. His Marriages  and Family

D. Description of his architectural style

E. His WIndows

F.  Projects he worked on

G. His final Years





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 You will be graded on:


1. An interior floor plan 1o pts


2. Group project of a poster made of 3-5 buildings  from the same category 15 points


3. Model -construct of one of your buildings  or do the Wright Report= 25 points


4. Podcast showing the steps of drawing and creating a model. 25 points



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