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Brown Bear Brown What do you see

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Bill Martin Reads Brown Bear, Brown Bear



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 Brown Bear Song



 Author Website: http://www.eric-carle.com/home.html





 an animal with Kid Pix . 





_____________________   ___________________________what do you see?




I see a ______________________________________looking at me.






Kid Pix Template #2





How to draw animals by Jan Brett



Let's Watch


Jan Brett's Videos
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Shortcut to all of Jan Brett's books

How to Draw a Dolphin

(length 17:33)
How to Draw a Rhinoceros

(length 21:29)
How to Draw a Creature
of the Deep


(length 12.28)
How to Draw a Lion
2005 Tour

(length 19:05)
How to Draw a
Baby Polar Bear
2007 Tour

(length 20:07)
An African Safari

(length 13:12)
How to Draw a Hedgehog
Starring my pet hedgehog Astro

(length 11:19)
How to Draw a Chick

(length 6:15)
How to Draw a rare
African Okapi

(length 21:54)

How to Draw
Hedgie in a Spacesuit

2006 Tour

(length 17:52)


How to Draw a Bunny

(length 11:37)
How to Draw an Elephant
Botswana Africa

(length 12:02)
 Jan Brett at Home

(length 1:51)
How to Draw Horses
Starring a Mare and her Foal
Frisians horses

(length 18:49)
Jan Flies with the Blue Angels
Blue Angels Windows MediaReal Media
(length 16:32)
How to Draw a Train

(length 24:34)
How to Draw a
Siberian Husky Dog

(length 22:09)
Dots and Stripes
How to Draw
Two African Animals

(length 24:34)
On Noah's Ark Tour

(length 4:53)
How to Draw a
Gingerbread Baby

(length 15:37)

Jan Brett reads and draws
     Gingerbread Baby

(length 7:48)

The Umbrella 2004 Tour
(How to draw a Toucan)

(length 6:14)

How to Draw a Chicken
Starring my pet hen Bluebell

(length 13:27)


On Noah's Ark Preview






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