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Cartoon Animation

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Animation-create an audio visual report

Ages 10,11,12)



Why teach animation?

Creating animated films and the skills needed to produce them allows us to combine  Art  History, ICT, Science and Literacy.

Animation can make storytelling come alive because using animation the characters get to perform in the story.

The drawings and models replace actors and actresses.



 Animation is  much more than Disney cartoons. Animation is manipulating images, objects, and characters to tell a story. The key is to let the imagination run wild!


According to http://www.filmeducation.org/primary/animation/index.html Animation combines :


Animation is a co-operative exercise and will utilise the varying skills of the children in the group getting the best out of them. You will find that where some children can draw well, others will be good at operating equipment or playing instruments; or performing voices or acting as artistic directors.

Three rough divisions can be used for group work:



These can come from various sources: they can be drawn, taken from magazines or compiled on the photocopier. Ask the children to research the images before they start creating them: all good animators spend a lot of time looking for source material and practising before they actually do any artwork.



Background music and sound effects come from tapes or CDs, or the children can make the sounds themselves using their voices, musical instruments or everyday objects that can be used for making sounds.

A quick search on the interent for 'free sound effects' will lead you to some useful sounds to add to your animated movies.

Get the children to be creative when devising sounds.



Fluxtime Studio


The basic version of this software is free. Using it you can create, edit and play your own animation clips and even send them as e-cards to your friends and families.




Free Animation Software

Pivot Stickfigure Animator www.snapfiles.com/get/stickfigure.htmlThis free software allows you to create stick figure animations easily and without any artistic skills. You can move the sections of the stick figure and easily create a chain of animation frames that can be previewed as you go. You can use more than one stick-figure in the animation, and even create your own stick figures using an easy to use visual editor that lets you assemble objects out of lines and circles. In addition, you can optionally set animation size, speed and more. The result can be saved as animated GIF file.



Instructions on how to use Pivot Stick Animator (Right click and select 'Save target As')

Examples of Stick Figure Animations created by Kent teachers during a Creativity in ICT Day.

See more animations created with Pivot Animator



Grades 6-8th


Animations in the Classroom





A highly original animation project showcasing best practice in claymation, stop frame animation and Flash. It also includes workshops taking you through the process of animation.







On Line Applications 




Aniboom’s Shapeshifter

Online animating application, lets you create your own short animated movie.






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Sample Movie

 Aniboom-shapeshifting animation


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Create Animated Cartoons on-line



Make Your Own Movie Online!




Unleash your creativity and make your digital film for free! Choose a background scene, characters, animated actions, dialog, introduction, and ending credits. Put your name as the producer and email the movie to your friends! You can also signup for free as a registered user, which gives you access to more advanced features, such as being able to save or edit the movies that you create.


 New Version




  Create Movie   Sample Movie

If you prefer previous version of the Movie Maker, or would like to access your old account to view or send your movies, please click here to enter our old web site.


Most of us like the old site better  find it at






Download 2Animate! demo for freeThis version has limited features. Click here to download.


 More Animation Web Sites


dot www.animationforeducation.co.uk
information and course for teaching stop-motion animation in schools
dot www.tech4learning.com
information about creating clay animations

tutorials on how to create animations




Digital Animation


1.  Anim8orwww.anim8or.com/main/index.html


You can see example of work by clicking here


2. There is an on-line guide  at show you how to create an animation


A Simple Walk
This is an example of how to make a simple walk cycle.  There are three parts, in case you want to skip around.  It shows how to design a basic character, animate a walk cycle for it, and finally make a short .avi movie of it walking.  It's not too fancy, but it shows how to use several parts of Anim8or.  Click here to see how.







8th Animation project choices


Assignment: go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/meandmymovie/ and review how to make asample  movie

1. Click enter the studio watch a samplw clip

2. You can use the mash-up maker to upload music pictures and video and ith will be all mashed together in a movie you create

http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/meandmymovie/ is the location of the mashup maker. There are only a few choices but it will give you an ideas of how to blend different clips together



Assignment #1

Tell a complete 3 minute story using one of the following programs

1. Aniboom

2. FlipSticks



Assignment #2 Stop Motion Animation or Digital Animation


Stop Motion


1. Take the storybard sheet and plan out what moment in history you will be reinacting

2. Make sure that you plan it out frame by frame.

3. Now you need to decide what you need to design your set/

4. We can get construction paper from school and Mrs. D. will provide the modeling clay.


Your group will need to provide the background- you can buy a 3 way similar to what is used for the science projects or you can tak a box from school and open it up and use it for your background


5. Create your clay figures

6. Next you need to take in the lowest resolution possible aroun 100 pictures. Make sure you do not move the camera-only thecharacters

Taping the camera down is a great idea


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