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City Smarts

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 City Smarts






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We are going to be drawing and creating our own virtual city. You will each decide if you want to create a business , a home, or a government building. You will get extra credit for each additional building you create. We will be uploading your buildings to Google 3D warehouse so that your creation can be enjoyed by...well...the world. ( When we up-load you will pick a screen name that IS NOT YOUR REAL NAME)



First do an interior plan of a classroom

Let's Begin by using a simple on line tool that allows us to map a classroom.




  "Create Your City-State Plans" 


Step One: Use Google Sketup during computer classtime. We will watch a few video tutorials, and then you will be free to create. remember you can download a free copy of Google sketchup at http://www.sketchup.com/.




http://www.citycreator.com/ build a city on line.



Step 2- Have a little fun while learning


http://simcity.ea.com/play/simcity_classic.php  Learn to run a city with this on-line version of Sim City


 Click here to download Open City http://sourceforge.net/projects/opencity Similar  to Sim City


http://www.smogcity.com/ Smog city- what variables affect pollution?


Please download Sim City 2000 and answer the following question!

This will open in  MS Word.




Welcome to Sim City 2000.doc



Step 3:

 "Gather Information and Resources"




http://www.kidsforfuture.net/shift/000002.html create a city without cars


http://www.kidsplan.com/plangame.htm great site for planning an entire neighborhood from start to finish. Includes  planning, mapping,  Neighborhood Land Use, Neighborhood Walk, Planning A Neighborhood, Architecture, Preserving A Neighborhood, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, and Local Government.




Step 4: Now that you know a little bit about cities...

Pick Project for the School Science Fair


Things to consider:


1. What is the environment like? Where will your city-state be located? What will the weather/climate be like? Can plants and animals survive there? Why have you chosen this area over another?

2.What occupations will your city-state offer?Will there be a wide variety occupations? Now that we will not be nomads, what other career choices might we have? Will women and men have the same choices? Does location of your city-state affect what jobs would be available? Why?


3. What is theagriculture like? Is there plenty of food? Do you have an extra amount (surplus) of anything? How could that be beneficial to you as a city? Where do you get your food? Do you hunt, gather, produce? Do you have plenty of water? Where do you get your water? What are all of the things you need water for? Does the geography and location affect you as a farmer in any way? How and why?


4. What is the social class system like? Who will rule the city-states? How will you protect your city-state from invaders? What are some of your laws and rules and punishments?




"Present Your City-State to the Classl"







city rubric.doc 


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