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Country Reports -Russia Example

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Country Reports

Sample:Report on Russia







Step One-Locate

Let's Locate Russia or your country by using Google Earth

You can see Landforms like mountains, oceans, rivers, and lakes from a satellite




Step 2 Learn-Do Research- Search Teacher Tube or have your parents help you search You Tube

for a video that shows life in the country you choose. The one below is on Russia.



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Step 3: How to search on Google


A. Use the following search parameters

Remember to change the name Russia to the name of your Country


1. Russia+history

2. Facts on Russia

3. Geography+Russia

4. Landforms+Russia

5. Manufacturing+Russia

6. Agriculture+Russia

7. Symbols+Russia


B. Add the sites that look good to your Favorites menu

so it will be easy to find them later


a. Open the Word Document below. You will need to know where to put your facts

b. When you find an important fact- highlight the fact by holding down the mouse and dragging across it

c. After it is highlighted Right  click and select copy

d. Open up the document below and click under the correct heading

e. Now right click- paste- it will paste your fact right where you want it.


Step #4 Let's Organize what we've Learned!

 There are three different ways to organize


#1 Idea- Copy and Paste Notes under the Outline Headings

country outline.doc 


You can use the sheet above to copy and paste your notes or...



Country Name

I. Introduction

Overview of why this country was choosen

II. Symbols

A.     .World Map

B.    Country map

C.    National FloWer

D.    Bird

E.     Tree

F.     Mineral

G.    National Animal

H.    Flag

                        I. Colors

J. Symbols

K. Words/Meaning

III. History

A. Timeline

B. Inventions

C.E vents

III. Government

A. Under Czars

B. Undercommunism

C. Moving toward Democracy

D. Comparing their  government  to the US

 IV. Geography

A. Description

B. Landforms



3. forest

4. mountains

5. oceans

C. Wildlife

D. Animals

E. Land use of natural resources

V. Weather and Climate

VI. People and economy

A. population

B. population centers

C. manufacturing

D. agriculture

E. transportation

F. communication

VII. Educational System

 VIII. Arts and Leisure

A. Architecture

B. Sports

1. Gymnastics

2. Ballet

3. Music

C. Outdoor Activities

D. Famous People

IX. Interesting Facts

X. Reaction to the report

A.Why choosen

B. What did you find interesting

C. Where would you visit


Research Sites


Fact Monster is a good place to start


What is it Like There Today

Slide show of Russia today




 Or #2 Create A Mind Map


This way you can see where your notes go!




1. Put your notes into Inspiration to create a mind map and outline

Russia outline.ins


If you don't have Inspiration you can use Bubbl.US




You can make bubbles under each heading and copy and paste your notes under each one.



Step 5-Create a Timeline to help order the events


 Use the Link below to create a timeline for the historical events that happen in your country! 



This generator can be used to make time lines of up to 9 events of your choice.


Time Lines can run horizontal or vertical. Choose the type of card you would like to make below.

Horizontal Time Line (Up to 6 Events)



1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905


Vertical Time Line (Up to 9 Events)


Event 1

Event 2
Event 3
Event 4
Event 5
Event 6
Event 7
Event 8
Event 9


Step #6 Collect Pictures to Add Interest




Step #7 Now we write the report



1. Print out the outline from Inspiration- or the notes you added to the Word document

2. Each topic becomes a paragraph that you rewrite in your own words.

3. Now use the citation machine to create the bibliography (List of places we found info at)



Step #8 Use the citation machine to create a Bibliography







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