Democratic Values-How A bill becomes a law


Michigan Curriculum Framework 



Standard III.2 Ideals of American Democracy




Core democratic values are expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other foundational documents of the United States. All laws are based on these values.

What are the Core Democratic Values?


Open and print off the following worksheet to take notes in


democratic value note sheet.doc

Read these over first and as you learn more you can fill in the areas given.


How a Bill becomes a Law


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School House Rock





Step 1: Watch the Videos

The following website has a vollection of videos that explains and gives example of each core democratic value


Go to the website and Watch You be the Judge


Step 2:


Check out the following websites: Ben's guide to the US Government A US Senito Carl Levin's Web Site





Step 3: Take Notes -don't forget to use the sheet!

Sketchbook Page 2


Download and print a copy from below



democratic value note sheet.doc


Step4: Pick one of the Core Values and create a storyboard based on what you learned.

You can create a storyboard on-line at Toondoo or you can write and draw your own using the storyboard form below







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