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Diary of Anne Frank


Behind a Movable Bookcase


  • Discuss how Anne did or did not change during her two years in the Secret Annex 
  • Take a stand on how much Anne has in common with contemporary young people
  • Use specific examples from first-hand accounts to draw conclusions about one aspect of human behavior.


Big Questions

For what purposes did Anne Frank use her diary?

What are some writing strategies Anne employed?

How can you apply these strategies in your writing?






Guide for Anne Frank and Second World War
Anne Frank is a unique individual. However it is important ot remember that she is one of the 1.5 million jewish children who were murdered during the Second World War. 
The Anne Frank Guide at http://www.annefrankguide.com/en-GB/default.asp?resetculture=1 will sharei nformation about her life, you can also see what happened in the United Kingdom (Engkand)  during the Second World War:


Assignments-From the Anne Frank Museum Home Page


March -

1.Research Ann Frank's Life at http://www.annefrank.com

2. Print/down load Student Guide to Anne Frank Center USA Web .


Anne Frank Handout 1.doc


March 30th


1. Download the Handout below

2. Locate and record the page of each of the diary entries that are listed.

3. Pick 5 questions to answer that tell about the characters of the people in the Annex


The people in the annex.doc  opens in Ms Word



Extra Credit Projects

1. ABC book based on events in Anne Franks life on a Powerpoint

2. Timeline of Anne Franks Life

Research these sites and then create one of your own that highlights the important dates.






You can make a time line in word or you can use any of the timeline makers-REMEMBER

YOU CANNOT SAVE WHEN USING AN ON-LINE TOOL So you shouild have all the information collected so you are just typing it in and printing.

Time Line Generator

ReadWriteThink: Student Materials: Timeline

Creating a Timeline in Microsoft Word  uses MS Word so you can save

OurTimeLines.com - Create Timeline

Download Timeline Maker, Timeline Maker 2.1 Download You can download this one and save and work on at a later date.


3. Write a one page reflection piece from a different characters point of view who lived in the Annex. 


Study Guides


Printable Review Guide

anne frank review.pdf



Other Resources







Reflect and Write  on the blog


You are living with the Franks in the Annex. Tell what it would be like to live there. Begin by describing a day in the annex. What would you do? How would you pass time? What were your fears? Plan a way to survive until you can be rescued by the allies.



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