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Digital Storytelling

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 Digital Storytelling



Digital stories are "short, personal multimedia tales told from the heart." The beauty of this form of digital expression, he maintains is that these stories can be created by people everywhere, on any subject, and shared electronically all over the world.


02ELA: ( Writing

TLW process write titled stories, using the elements of various genres.

(Gist: Write a Story)

TLW collaboratively write and revise a titled story, incorporating features of the genre, focusing on beginning, middle, and end. Content Expectation(s): W.GN.02.01; W.PR.02.06



Overview of Digital Photography The How's and Why's




 Where to begin?


A great way to begin learning about Digital Storytelling is by watching a digital story. One of our favorites is The Look, a personal narrative about how an educator teaches science fiction. The story is told in a humorous and interesting manner filled with little known historical information on the subject and uses still images and video from famous science fiction stories and films integrated with historical resources.

A Step-By-Step Approach to Creating a Digital Story from Materials Found On the Web

(source http://www.coe.uh.edu/digital-storytelling/gettingstarted.htm; Bernard RobinUniversoty of Texas)


PART ONE: Define, Collect, Decide



Spin the Story Starter to get ideas to write your story!


or  Plan your story in video Form

Kid's Vid - scripting, editing, making, showing, advice, and lesson ideas for the classroom - a great resource!



Collect Pictures and Images


Choose a format to tell your Story

 These are all online story links

Story Maker-

Choose Characters, Setting,  Plot


Character Scrapbook



Animation Sites




Zimmer Twins- Animation make a movie


FuzzwuchMinivid is dead simple animation. It's never been easier to put your thoughts into motion. Start animating right now and create your very own Minivid in minutes. Can your Minivid top the charts? Currently in very private beta, the Animator is a complete online animation studio, with powerful features and the freedom to let you flex your expressive muscles. Check out an exclusive peek


Dvolver Movie Maker Dvolver creates creativity tools. Have you ever wanted to direct your own movie? No problem. Our MovieMaker helps you make a movie in a few simple steps. When your opus is complete send it to a friend. Or, post it to your website or myspace

My Life   Cell based animation- make the elephant dance


Aniboom- spaceshifter create animation right on Line


Animasher- Create a short movie on line


Junior Movie Maker make a movie with animated stickers


Digital Films

Unleash your creativity and make your digital film for free!Choose a background scene, characters, animated actions, dialog,

introduction, and ending credits. Put your name as the producer and email the movie to your friends! You can also signup for free

as a registered user, which gives you access to more advanced features, such as being able to save or edit the movies .


Wild Life  Film maker  Make a custom nature film with animal clips.



RIF Storymaker


Seussville StoryMaker


PBSKIDS StoryMaker


StoryTop Storymaker


Wacky Web Tales

 Fill in the blanks and create a story


StoryTop Creator


Comic  Maker


Comic Strip Maker




Filli n the Blank Story Maker



Active Beginnings





Upper Elementary


04ELA: TLW process write narratives, including myth/legend, fantasy, and adventure.

(Gist: Narrative Stories )

1.  TLW identify and review elements of a teacher-selected genre: myth/legend, fantasy, or adventure. Content Expectation(s): R.NT.04.02
(Resource: Folktales, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Elements)

2.  TLW collaboratively brainstorm a list of posssible writing topics for the selected genre. Content Expectation(s): W.PR.04.02

43  TLW collaboratively develop a graphic organizer, including elements of the selected genre. Content Expectation(s): W.PR.04.02
Graphic organizers are found in many forms and are sometimes called story maps.

53  TLW collaboratively develop a class story for the selected genre. Content Expectation(s): R.CM.04.01
Process writing standards include using appropriate resources for writing conventions: dictionary, spell-check, grammar-check, grammar references, writing references, etc. from KISD Curriculum Crafter Tool
  1. Select a topic for your digital story.  
  2. Create a folder on the desktop where you can store the materials you find.
  3. Search for image resources for your story, including: pictures, drawings, photographs, maps, charts, etc.  -Save these resources in your folder.
  4. Try to locate audio resources such as music, speeches, interviews, and sound effects.

    -Save these resources in your folder.


  5. Try to find informational content, which might come from web sites, word processed documents, or PowerPoint slides. -Save these resources in your folder.
  6. Begin thinking of the purpose of your story. Are you trying to inform, convince, provoke, question?

PART TWO: Select, Import, Create

  1. Select the images you would like to use for your digital story.
  2. Select the audio you would like to use for your digital story.
  3. Select the content and text you would like to use for your digital story.
  4. Import images into Photo Story.
  5. Import audio into Photo Story.
  6. Modify number of images and/or image order, if necessary.


PART THREE: Decide, Write, Record, Finalize

  1. Decide on the purpose and point of view of your digital story.
  2. Write a script that will be used as narration in your digital story AND provides the purpose and point of view you have chosen.
  3. Use a computer microphone and record the narration of your script.
  4. Import the narration into Photo Story.
  5. Finalize your digital story by saving it as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file.

PART FOUR: Demonstrate, Evaluate, Replicate

  1. Show your digital story to your colleagues.
  2. Gather feedback about how the story could be improved, expanded, and used in your classroom.
  3. Teach a colleague how to create their own digital story.
  4. Congratulate yourself for a job well done!



Programs and Sites to Use for Digital Stories

 1. PhotoStory 3- free download

2. Windows Movie Maker, imovie

3. http://www.magtoo.com/main.jsp

4. http://mm.dfilm.com/live/mm.html

5. http://animoto.com/


7. Bubbleshare http://www.bubbleshare.com/

8.  OurStory http://www.ourstory.com

9. Voice Threads http://voicethread.com

10. Scrapblog http://www.scrapblog.com

11.  eyespot http://eyespot.com

12.  Animoto http://animoto.com

13.  Empressr http://www.empressr.com

14. . Zentation http://zentation.com/Might be called a mashup- it allows upload of Powerpoint files to

Slideshare and synchronization to video uploaded to Google video.




Teacher may model the writing of this story, taking ideas from the students and using the "Think aloud" strategy.
TLW explore the role of a story title. Content Expectation(s): R.NT.02.04; W.PR.02.01
The role of a title is to attract attention, entice a reader into the
work, identify the focus of the content, and establish the uniqueness of the work. A title may be developed at the beginning or at the end of the writing process, but may be revised at any time. Often a book or film will have a "working title" and the actual title will develop over the course of the writing or filming.

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