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It's a Disaster

(and we are not talking about the floor of your bedroom!)




Flood Safety


Hurricane Preparedness


Lightening Safety


Tornado Safety


Tornado Safety Tips




Science  GLEC
 TLW demonstrate an understanding that scientific inquiry and reasoning involves observing, questioning, investigating, recording, and developing solutions to problems
TLW demonstrate an understanding that scientific inquiry and reasoning involves observing, questioning, investigating, recording, and developing solutions to problems by comparing and contrasting.
Language Arts GLEC
 TLW process write an extended response to a prompt, making connections to his/her own experiences.
TLW write a draft   response to a  theme, considering the techniques of writer’s craft studied in previous lessons. Content Expectation(s): W.PR.04.01; W.PR.04.03
04ELA: ( Speaking)  
TLW deliver a presentation on an informational topic, focusing on effective delivery techniques and using a visual aid. (Photo essay)
TLW deliver the presentation to an audience, using effective delivery techniques, and write a self-reflection.
Social Studies GLEC
TLW identify a problem, analyze information to solve it, and present the solution to inform others.


  ? Big Questions


What is a disaster?


What happens that causes a disaster?


What are the effects of a disaster on people, the community, the economy?



 To get answers to these questions  you make pick one of the following and visit the sites:


FEMA: Are You Ready?




 Think and Problem Solve


As a group  create several “what-if ” scenarios for you would do if the follwing things happened?


What problems  might occur because of the “what-if ” situations ?



1 What if your family is snowed in? 

2What if the lights go out?

3 What if you are told to evacuate?

•4What if roads are closed due to flood?




• There’s no hamster food.

• The batteries for the flashlight are dead, and it’s dark outside.

• The car has very little gas.

• Your sister has no asthma medication.


 Let's Role Play


Rescue people from Hurricane Katrina







Now choose one type of disaster you wish to learn more about








CBS News Interactive: Funnels Of Fury

CBS News Photo Essay: In Twisters' Path




CBS News Interactive: Tsunami

CBS News Video Archive: Tsunami

CBS News Photo Essay: Tsunami




CBS News Interactive: Eye of the Storm: Understanding Hurricanes

CBS News Interactive: Hurricanes-- Storm Tracker

CBS News Interactive: Hurricane Rita




CBS News Interactive: Volcano!





FEMA Winter Storms Factsheet

FEMA Winter Storm Update Center

NOAA News Online






Projects for Points


8th Grade- Web Page Requirements- At least 2 pages


A. Content


1. Pick a disaster- Use the disaster as the Heading

2. Write the definition of the disaster

3. Location- Where is this disaster most likely to occur? List the Locations

4. History- Give 3-5 Examples of the worse type of this disaster in history. Be sure to tell the location, the scale and type of damages, and if human interaction on the environment was a contributing cause.

5. Prevention- What kinds of things should people and governments do to help prepare or pr3vent this type of disaster?

6. Dealing with disasters-What impact does this disaster have on the people, land, government? Please explain.




1. Use a list

2. Use at least 5 headings

3. Change the color of the text

4. Pick 3 words to show in bold

5.Use either a background color or background image

6. Add no more than 2 scripts- one can be a mouse trail

7. No more than 2 google gadgets and they must realate to the webpage content.

8. Please make sure youcan click on page one to go to page 2, and then click on page 2 to go back to the main page

(anchor tags)

9. Add links to at least 2 outside sources such as http://www.nationalgeographic.com/volvooceanrace/interactives/waves/index.html that shows how waves work.


Due October 13th- October 14,15,16 are make up days fior absences 


October 19-Begins new independant project on Programming


 Marking period ends  October 28th- no late work accepted after that unless you make arrangments to ask for an Incomplete.



Grading Rubric








Extra Credit or What do I do when I am done 

#1- Tell me a story

Pets and Disasters: Happyutline and write a  pet survival story with a happy ending



Resource: Bubblus or Inspiration



Consider the types of disaster most likely happen in our  community

and discuss the actions individuals and the community  must take to handle and recover from the disaster. Outline an action plan on how to safely move students from oour school if a disaster occurred here.


Resources; Map of School, Google Maps of Neighborhood surrounding school



Research and present a photo essay of disasters that have happened in area in the past. Tornado's floods and blizzards

have affected our area in the past. How did the one you choose, affect the community. How did the community recover?


Internet and Library Search resources.



Interview a representative from the American Red Cross or another

community emergency agency to discover the any projects

under way in their area, or what projects we have done helping others un neighboring areas,



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