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First Grade Phonic Fun

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 1st Grade Phonic Fun

1st Grade Phonic Fun


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  1. Consonant Blends - Find the blend that matches the picture.
  2. Beginning Consonant Digraphs - Select the correct digraph
  3. Fishing for Phonics - select a level; find the missing beginning sound and drag the card into the missing space. on 9/18/07
  4. Paw Park: Sassy Seals - Match beginning sounds - (from Game Goo - Learning That Sticks
  5. Blends Word Wheel - look at the clue at the bottom and then press each wheel to form the word's beginning and ending sound.
  6. Clifford's Big Dig -Interactive story. Click on the bone to begin
  7. Here, Clifford - Interactive story. Click on the bone to begin
  8. Emily Goes to School - Interactive story. Click on the bone to begin
  9. Stories to read - Starfall - Beginning books per vowel sound for reading out-loud practice.
  10. Bear Stories - Practice your fluency skills on these stories.
  11. Bat Stories - Practice your phonics skills on these stories
  12. Children's Books to read online - Practice your reading skills
  13. Stories - one or two with audio.(site has changed hands; no longer available for download)
  14. http://genkienglish.net/phonicsgame3.htm blends matching game
  15. BBC Year 2 PhonicsRoy the zebra  CVC words, spelling patterns, writing and more.
  16. Roy the zebra suggestion sent in my a reader-thanks!
  17. Our House has different rooms you can click on.  Each room has “clickable” objects that will show a describing sentence and provide audio for the text.

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