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Welcome to the Land of Mega Bites and Messages

We Code...We Create.. We Engineer...We Make

Virtual Lessons  are under the Instructors  page

for both Anchor Point Christian and St. Anthony's of Padua

and other schools using our site



Wish List

Disclaimer: The links here have been scrutinized for their grade and age appropriateness; however, contents on links on the WWW change continuously. Please notify me of any changes that might need to be made. Working together we can teach children to use internet sources wisely


St. Anthony of Padua Prek-8



Anchor Point Christian Prek-6

GRPS Shared Time Program

Technology Classes

What is up in Computer World?


Active Participants in Hour Of Code



Instructors Page


Get a Voki now!




It is my vision that drives me...It is my goal to use technology to provide students with motivating creative instruction that integrates with core curriculumn and provides proven skills practice. I incorporate best teaching practices, projects and assessments in order to meet the needs of my students, while addressing national, state, and district standards. I employ a collaborate approach to learning seeking to engage and challenging students' thinking and imagination."Be bold..make changes...try new ideas in learning...you will surprise yourself!" Mrs. D.







What is happening right now?



After School Games  and Free Choice Games Time


Interactive Lessons


One of the most popular places that guests visit. This section features media rich, interactive lessons that combine video,

written content, games, projects and learning resources.


Great Internet Sites for Kids


There is lots more to do beyond keyboarding. Check out this section to find the sites

where kids like to have fun while they learn! This comprehensive list is organized by subject areas and topics






Browser Based Web 2.0 Tools




Parent Corner


Resources for Parents on internet sadfety, the role of technology in education, and classroom policies.


Mom and Me

A page of things for Parents, Pre-schoolers, Kindergarteners' and first graders wher you can use the computer to Learn together.


Teacher Tools


This section provides teachers with tutorials, assessment sites, teaching support, lists Open Source Software,

and much more more. If you are a teacher looking for technology tools to assist you this is the section you are looking for!


Educational Videos by Topic




Open Source Software

Free software and sites to enhance instruction and achievement




Shared Time Wiki



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A Little Bit About Me






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