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Graph it

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Graph It


Raising the Bar- Graph it


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Graphs and charts are great because they communicate information visually. Graphs can show things in one quick glance which is why many companies  include them in their reports.  Graphs are great for kids because  they use colors and pictures which help focus the attention of our youngest students.



 Ted Tunes tells about graphs







What is a graph? Click Below

 More Videos on Graphs








The little movie is produced by NASA. and features Ted Tunes an animated skunk. It is short  and does a great job of introducing graphs. After the on line video 

Play the Graphit Game with Ants
















I like to give the kids some hands on experiences with graphs. My favorite graphs  for our younger students are edible graphs. I  print  out a Excel grid  with large blocks.  I give each student a bag of M & M’s , lifesavers, or even those colored min marshmallows.  I show the students on the projector how to line up the candies by color. ( You can of course use  buttons-just don’t eat them.) I demonstrate how I can color in each square to represent the candy using the fill tool on excel. When finished the children can tell without counting which color had the most! Don’t expect this to take more than 5 or 6 minutes because it’s all about gobbling up the sweets!


If you don't have Excel handy here is a printable chart in PDF format. from A to Z teacher.








Audio/Interactive Lesson on Graphs







Create Graphs











 Need more


Learning About Charts and Graphs by F. Oldfield from Educational Resources for Adults
This series of lessons can help you learn more about the various types of charts and graphs. Not only can you learn how to extract information from them, but you will also learn how to build them.
Other Introductory Lessons:
2) Charts from BBC ReviseWise Maths http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/revisewise/maths/data/11_fact.shtml
3) Graphs and Charts by B. Dueber from USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service http://klingon.cs.iupui.edu/~aharris/mmcc/mod6/abss8.html
4) Meet Pie Chart Pam from http://www.usda.gov/nass/nasskids/pambio.htm


















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