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Hungry Caterpillar-

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

By: Eric Carle




About the story:

In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf." So begins Eric Carle's classic, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". This book follows  a small caterpillar's as he eats his way through all kinds of food (and the pages of the book itself) He eats until he is really fat and has a stomachache!  He wraps himself up in a large coocoon to help feel better and yo will never gues what happens when he comes out ? He is transformed ! 


Interactive Online Activities 


Online word search


Create a word cloud by pasting


Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday caterpillar butterfly Hungry




#1 What did he eat on each day?


Days of the Week


Monday he ate________________.



Story Sequence cards to print off in color 

(from DLTK's)


Graphic's for the story




Printable for the lifecycle of a Butterfly

Butterfly Games

Butterfly Slide Puzzle Butterfly Jigsaw Puzzle
Butterfly Word Search Butterfly Match Game
Flutter's Tic Tac Toe Flower Power
Butterfly Drag & Drop Puzzle 



Follow up activity


Let's Create a class book


Show the class the video Eric Carle: Picture Writer (Searchlight Films, 1993) in which Eric Carle gives a hands-on demonstration of tissue paper painting and collage illustrating. After they watch the video, have students create their own Eric Carle-type pictures using tissue paper, tempera paint, and markers. Use 6-inch, pre-cut squares of tissue. Have children paint or draw on several sheets to create new colors or textures. Remind them that each sheet of tissue should have a design or pattern that repeats over the whole piece of paper. Allow to dry overnight.

In journals or on a story map form, have students plan stories about their pictures. The final drafts may be written on a computer or with pencil and paper.  Final drafts may be evaluated using the narrative rubric.



Eric Carle's Talks



 I found a website for Eric Carle the author/illustrator of this book.  Your children may enjoy a visit, especially to the Frequently Asked Questions section where Eric talks about everything from what his favorite color is to how he makes his pictures.  It's written in a very friendly "voice" that my 7 year old and I both found appealing

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