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 Internet Searching



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Internet Search Challenges test your strategies and tactics as you attempt to solve Internet research problems efficiently and effectively. Combine play and performance while you strengthen your Internet searching and evaluation skills.



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1. A good strategy to emphasize is summed up in the words, “think twice before you search.” In the Digital Information Fluency Process Model, two critical decisions come BEFORE a search button is pressed.

First, think about concepts and keywords, the WHAT of the search process (also the theme of Part One of this series).

2. Next, think about WHERE a reliable answer may be found. Thinking ahead of time about the answer not only provides alternate keywords, it may provide clues about where to look.


For a practical application of these questions in a lesson, see the Inventors Mini-Lesson in this issue.


2. Check out other search engines besides Google.  Can Google google it, challenges you  to identify types of information that Google is not likely to index. Click on link and take the challenge!


Let's have a little fun  How to get information by scanning webpages.


Let's play  Archery Challenge I: The Database Match,

It  makes a game out of learning to read Web pages and finding the doorways through which hidden information may be found. These are easy to use no logging in required!  (Note: if you encounter difficulty launching the tutorials, try substituting 'html' in place of 'swf' in the URL.)


Students need to search in order to become better searchers.

Here are some challenges below to see how well you can search. These challenges were developed by





The Kermit Challenge Search Strategy: Find the URL of a Web Page where you can find this picture of Kermit and hear what he is saying