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 Session #1


Big Ideas


Interesting Things to Know about Maps!


1. Maps are drawings that represent a place in the earth as seen from above.


2. People who make maps are called Cartographers 


3. Maps are tools people use to identify locations.


4. There are many different types of maps,


5. Maps use symbols to represent real places and  things.


6. Maps show direction by using a compass rose.


7. Maps use a Map Key to describe the symbols places on maps.



Make a Map


1. Cat in the Hat Maps Make a map by clicking below





 2.  - Making a map of our classroom






Maps Use Symbols






Map Maze Game  



Race to Build Planet Earth From the Ocean Up!



Label Favorites on the Map





Build a Map using symbols






Lesson 2  Getting from Place to Place










Use Arthurs map to get from Place to place



Are we there yet






Lesson 3- USA Map Activities


USA Puzzle Game



USA Map Activity




States and Capitals Game






Lesson 4 Map Key 


Compass Skills





Grid References




Plot a route




To be able to use a map you need to learn about four things:


Symbols and KeysScale





Map key from http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/education/sysm/landscapes/highlands_islands/mapskills/symbols/index.shtml#focus





Lesson 5


Types of Maps


Let's take a look at the different type of maps for  the state of Michigan

Michigan Physical Map

Michigan Waterfalls Map

Michigan County Map

Michigan Cities and Roads Map

Michigan Rivers and Lakes Map

Michigan Elevation Map

Highest Point in Michigan Map

Michigan Geology News

Michigan Satellite Image

Michigan City Satellite Images







Maps can’t show things the size they are in real life so they use scale to make things smaller. Different scales are useful for showing different things on a map.

 Let's Practice these big ideas



 Let's identify places on a map image of the world at night .

It is taken from space!

Lesson #3


 A map is a drawing  of a picture of the earth as sen from above.


Can you see the  continents on the Earth at Night map

Can you find MIchigan?

Let's look at  Earth at Night work sheet


Can you find the names of the ten large cities highlighted on the work sheet?

 Extensions: More Mapping Ideas


Treasure Maps:

Students can also make their own treasure maps.


Have students draw a map of the route a character takes in a book. (Little Red Riding Hood's trip to Grandmothers, Hansel and Gretel's journey through the woods, etc.)

What to learn more?? 

See a resource on the NASA Web site, The Blue Marble. Discuss what features of Earth those other maps show that cannot be seen in the Earth at Night map.



Treasure Maps




THe Treasure Map Activity

 Now that we have studied various types of maps, let's have some fun!  Download the map below. Follow the map and you will find a treasure I hid in our school.

Time to use your Map skills in the games below!


Mystery islandMystery Island

After finding the treasure, Eric's boat got swept away by tides and storms, eventually washing ashore with the boat broken and the treasure nowhere in sight. The mysterious island he's on hs obstacles blocking his way, and the inhabitants seem to speak in strange symbols. Can you help Eric solve the problems and find a way off the island? PLAY>>>

Treasure huntTreasure Hunt

Eric's found notes in his grandad's diary about rumours of buried treasure, along with a map of some nearby islnds and a clue on a scrap of paper. But other treasure hunters have now heard the rumours, and a high tide's due to cover most of the area, so time's running out! PLAY>>>

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