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Mini Bests

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Minibeasts are really animals called invertebrates . These  are animals without a backbone, and these are the most numerous type of animal in the world.


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Images and links below from



Link= http://home.comcast.net/~sharov/3d/ant.html


Let's build some mini beasts on line



image of a superbug in the lab

Create your own Super Bug!

Foundation/KS1 Science, KS2 Science, KS3 Science,   


      Stag Beetle         127K
      German Cockroach    128K
      Mosquito            134K
      Grasshopper         242K
      Water Strider       66K
      Flea                198K
      Mantis              129K
      Termite             246K
 Yellowjacket wasp   121K
      Fly                 163K
      Bee                 209K
      Black widow spider  66K


Animated/Interactive Images

 Running Cockroach          138K



Digital Guide to Insects, Spiders and Arthropods of North America



Minibeast Profiles: Some interesting invertebrates



Let hunt for  Mini-Beasts Let's take a walk around the school and hunt for mini beasts! Where should we look?   The first place to look is inside the building. Window frames and sills make a great place for ladybirds, spiders, flies and maybe even the cocoon of a butterflies.



Next let's look outside. What can we find in the grass? What might be living under a rock?? Outside, cracks in sidewalk , under plant pots are all places of shelter for a variety of minibeasts.The walls of a building and  other climbing plants provide an excellent and safe habitat often used throughout the year by small minibeasts.Let's look for creatures in the grass and dirt.  You might find ants, earthworms, millipedes and centipedes.


Where do Mini Beasts Live?















What do they look like up close?



Their parts




Online educational and fun LEARNING GAMES


Playtime Online



Mini Beasts and Monster Bugs





Let's Save the Ants




Sometimes Mini Beasts can cause trouble-


Can you be a Great Pet Detective




More Mini Beast Games\

Link to Minibeasts

Link to Insects: Nature Detectives
Insects: Nature Detectives

Link to Yucky Worm World
Yucky Worm World

Link to UK Safari: Creepy Crawlies
UK Safari: Creepy Crawlies

Link to Climbers and Creepers: fun and games online
Climbers and Creepers: fun and games online

Link to Yucky Roach World
Yucky Roach World

Link to The Life Cycle of Butterflies
The Life Cycle of Butterflies

Link to Monster Bugs
Monster Bugs

Link to Can you find Monty?
Can you find Monty?

Link to The Adventures of Vermi the Worm!
The Adventures of Vermi the Worm!

Link to The Adventures of HermanT
The Adventures of Herman

Link to Insects: Nature Detectives
Insects: Nature Detectives

Link to Animal Facts
Animal Facts

Link to London Butterfly House
London Butterfly House

Link to Invertebrate Biodiversity
Invertebrate Biodiversity







Web Quests



Minibeasts Field Trip


Stop 1—Welcome to the Minibeasts Field Trip!


Stop 2—Flying Insects ·


Stop 3—Profiles of Minibeasts ·


Stop 4—Insect Life Cycle









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