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Neighborhoods and Community

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 We Live in a Community


We live in houses that are families make into homes. A home is a plce where families live together. 


 #1 Let's Start by Building your Dream House





Build a House Game

Build a house song




Click the link below



#2 Our Neighborhood 


Our homes are part of a neighborhood.  A neighborhood is a place where people live, work, and play.  A house, a farm, a construction site or our Neighborhood of Make-Believe? Whether you live in the city or the countryside you are part of the community. Let's build our communities. Choose one area to get started, then create your own neighborhood with the pictures on the bottom. Just click on the pictures and drag them to where you want them to be. You can make the pictures bigger or smaller, and you can erase them too. With a computer, you can even make each character or picture appear many times - but it's good to remember that in real life, everyone is unique. That's what makes you - and everyone else in the world - special.






Click on the pictures above to go to the pbs site where we will create our own neighborhoods.




 #3 Commuity Workers


Every community has people that do work that helps the community. Police, Firefightgers, Teachers, Doctors, Laywers, Postal Workers, Doctors and Dentist. Everyone contributes to the community.


Community Club: Early readers learn about neighborhood workers
Veterinarian, librarian, pizza maker, utility worker, mayor, police officer, firefighter, and pediatrician
Community Club Teacher's Guide


#4 Crazy City Stories


Now lets write a story about our city.







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