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Ozobots Meet Pokemon



TLW Simulate robotics missions and learning BASIC programming color codes to have ozobot follow a student created trail.


1. Show the Youtube video that introduces ozobots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xFjTXQ8uho

2, Have the students use their tablets, laptops or computers to search for the color codes used for ozobots or provide them with the codes sheets that came with each kit.

3. Provide the students with dry eraser markers so they can turn their Ozobot into a pokeball

4.  Use 1 ozobot for every  three students. Have  them place 6 pokemon stickers (or draw the pokemon) on a long piece of white paper. Now each student creates the craziest  color path for ozobot to follow to catch them all!.

5. If time allows students can decorate an outdoor around the path!


More Robotic fun




Using our Roamer Robot









Control UNIT the robot 






Build a robot on line






Past Robotic  Space Missions:


+ Ranger

+ Surveyor

+ Lunar Orbiter

+ Clementine

+ Lunar Prospector



Robotic Sites Where you can learn more


http://www.thetech.com/exhibits_events/online/robotics/ The Tech Museum


http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/sociable/baby-bits.html Kissmet Robot





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