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Safe Search Engines

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Search Engines for Kids




Search Techniques

If you simply type “apples” into Google  you’ll get about22 million websites. Let's say that what you're really interested in is green apples.  To see all the apple websites that have the word “green” on them type: apples +green
Now you will only see those apple sites that also have the word green on them.  This will still give you about 6 million websites. To narrow the search even more eliminate the word “computers” by typing this:
We still have about 5 million web pages to check out.  A final way to narrow the search is to use quotes to narrow the search to an exact phrase.  For example if what we’re really interested in is granny smith apples we could type “granny smith” in quotes. 

This is called an exact phrase search and this is also how you catch a plagiarists.  If you see an sentence that you suspect has been plagiarized from the internet all you have to do is type that sentence into Google, in quotes, and you'll find the exact website that the text might have been copy & pasted from.

Google is a great place to search and so are some of these as well
How to use other Search Engines

Below are tips on enabling porn filters for major search engines:


    1. AllTheWeb: Use the Basic Settings page to enable the Offensive Content Filter option. The only works for searches in English.
    2. AltaVista: Use the Family Filter Setup page.
    3. AOL Search: Doesn't appear to offer a filter, but enabling Parental Controls might have an impact on web search matches.
    4. Ask Jeeves: Use options for Content Filtering on the Your Settings page or try Ask Jeeves For Kids, listed above.
    5. Google: See the SafeSearch help page for instructions on setting up filtering on a permanent or as-needed basis.
    6. HotBot: Use the Block Offensive Content section of the Filter Preferences page. Note that you may need to set this again if you change from using the default "HotBot" search engine that's offered.
    7. LookSmart: LookSmart has never accepted adult content for listing within its directory results. However, obscure queries might bring these up in the crawler-based results that are sometimes provided.
    8. Lycos: Use the Adult Filter section of the Advanced Search Filters page.
    9. MSN Search: Use the Safe Search Filter on the Settings page.
    10. Teoma: Teoma doesn't appear to offer a filter.
    11. Yahoo: Set the SafeSearch Filter option via the Search Preferences page

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