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Saint Anthony of Padua Page

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 St. Anthony of Padua


Check out the 8th grade Videos




A look inside the classrooms



Clayanimation 8th




Click here to view the 8th grade Licensed Projects 


Visit the 2nd graders Flat Stanley Web Page


Check out Below now!


What are we working on Right Now? 


Grade Level Activities


Featured Projects Site 



Current Assignments

 For the first week of school we begin with grade level lessons on internet safety!



Click here to go to the page that has our  media rich Interactive Lessons




Click here to find  Great Internet Sites for Kids







Click here to visit the Parent Corner




Click here to go to the Teacher Tools



Online Study Tools



Safe Search Engines


 for Research=life beyond Google




 Copyright free pictures


Catholic Websites


Other School Wiki Sites


Grade Level Projects

Archive of the projects we have completed


 Our Art Teacher's Wiki

 Mrs. H's Art world


Spanish Wiki

Mr. M's assignments and help for Spanish class


5th Grade  Wiki


6th Grade Language Arts and 7th 8th Religion Wiki


Mrs. O's Wiki Currently under construction

Middle School Math Wiki


Mrs. S's Math assignments and help

Middle School Social Studies Wiki

Mrs. B's Social Studies homework, newletter projects, and resources


Middle School Science



7 8 Language Arts  Wiki



 How we Use Wiki's and Blog's in Education


Mega Bites and Messages Blog 


A blog page allows students to read assignments and respond to them. They are best described as an on-going conversation . Students post to the blog and it is emailed to me. All blog entries have to be teacher approved before they are added to the site. Students are not allowed to use their real name nor the real names of any other students.


About BlogmeisterPerhaps one of the most fascinating tools that has emerged from the Internet cloud in recent years is the Blog. A shortening of the term Web log, the Blog is an online publishing tool that enables people to easily publish their loves, passions, dislikes, peeves, discoveries, and insights.


Thousands of teachers have discovered the value of classroom blogging, both as an avenue for their communications, but also as a tool for giving voice to what their students are learning and how they are learning.


Class Blogmeister is one of several blogging engines that have been developed specifically for classroom use. You are welcome to explore the writings of teachers and students alike



Mega Bites and Messages Student Showcase  is a wiki page, where student can publish documents, pod casts, and assignments

This page is currently under construction


A wiki is software  that allows users to create, edit, and link web pages easily. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites. They are being installed by businesses to provide affordable and effective Intranets and for Knowledge Management. Ward Cunningham, developer of the first wiki, WikiWikiWeb  originally described it as "the simplest online database that could possibly work".[1] One of the best known wikis is Wikipedia.[2] 




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