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Not Quite the Real Thing




Learning from Simulations

We use simulations to make and explore predictions and to identify patterns and relationships.Computer simulations can represent real or imaginary situations. They allow us to study or try things that would be difficult or impossible to do in real life.

Simulations are particularly helpful when a real-life process:

  • is too dangerous,
  • takes to long,
  • is too quick to study,
  • is too expensive to create.


 Questions to think about when using a simulation program:


  • Was the simulation program realistic?
  • Does the simulation represent a real life or fantasy situation?
  • How realistic is it?
  • Did the same things always happen - was there a pattern?
  • What are the variables, can you think of any others which might make the simulation more accurate?
  • Was there more than one solution to the problem?
  • What were the good points/bad points?
  • What did you find out?





Business simulations 





Easy ones for fun





Let's do a couple together


Virtual Villagers






Manage A Park/City


Roar- Make your own animal park http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/roar/game.shtml?ssorl=1209773323


Learn to run a city http://simcity.ea.com/play/simcity_classic.php


Electro City http://www.electrocity.co.nz/


Supercity Planner You have a budget of £10 million pounds to construct your own section of Supercity. How well will you do?


City Creator

Build towns and cities. It is similar to some of the old MyWorld screens and SIM City.


Virtual School - (What more could we ask for?)




Historical Simulations


Oregon Trail On Line  http://woz.commtechlab.msu.edu/courses/447sp04/oregontrail/play.htm



Tudor Simulations  Tudor Joust  


Viking simulation on the BBC Site


Viking Quest


Tudor Joust








Plant Force  You work for a plant development company and and have to try and find out the optimum conditions for its growth. Which is the cheapest option?



Grow Alien plants Change the variables to grow Universe record breaking plant.

There are four plants that need feeding:


BBC virtual garden planner. Allows you to plan a garden then view it in '3D'




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 Zoo Tycoon



  Rabbits and Hunters:

from the Greenwich grid for learning







Engineering Simulations






Parachute Man Simulation Help the parachutist land safely. Good link for Science work on Forces.


Parachute Game



Roller Coaster Designer - Design your own roller-coaster. Good link for Science work on Forces.


Funderstanding Roller Coaster






Science Simulations


Global Warming simulation. Science museum climate change simulation. What happens if you don’t turn the light off?


Food Chain Simulation


Morphases - Changing Faces


Discovery Channel Space Walk Simulation A space walk to fix cables on the space shuttle.


Planet10 - Build your own planet in this virtual universe


Design your own Satellite


Dumptown A recycling simulation




Maths Simulations online


Grow Alien plants Change the variables to grow Universe record breaking plant.

There are four plants that need feeding:

Interpreting a line graph


Bath time with Archimedes Turn the tap on, turn the tap on, put the plug in, take the plug out, Archimedes gets in and out of the bath...a line graph is drawn in real time. Interpret the graph.



Design and Technology Simulations online


Pontifex. Bridge building simulation. Highly sophisticated simulation where you build a bridge then see if it will take a train without going for a swim!


Robot Sim Construct your own robot from a range of different materials and components, and try it out in one of many treacherous Zones.




Geography Simulations online




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