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Spreadsheets Are Us

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 3/4 Grade Sprea8th grade spreadsheet Unit


Coffee Shop http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-coffee-shop/


You each need to play and record the data on the data collection sheet














Creatre a M&M Pictograph to represent the M&M's in your bag



mM pictograph spreadsheet.xlsx



Eat your real M&M's










Lesson #2

Making a Mess o' Mousse!


You are having a dinner party for six people, including you. The dessert is going to be chocolate mousse. Everybody loves chocolate mousse - it's so rich and creamy and fluffy and delicious! You know the guests will eat a lot of it, so you'll make more than one serving per person.

The following recipe for chocolate mousse makes enough for six people.

4 ounces semi-sweet chocolate

1 cup lukewarm water

1 cup of sugar

3 egg whites

1 pint whipping cream

Melt chocolate in top of double boiler. Melt water and sugar over low heat until sugar melts. Add sugar syrup to chocolate and beat. Beat egg whites until stiff. Whip cream and fold with egg whites. Beat chocolate again. If chocolate has thickened add 1 more tablespoon water. Fold chocolate into cream and spoon into individual glasses or cups. Chill.

You have not decided whether you should double, triple or quadruple the recipe.

Use a spreadsheet to figure out how much of each ingredient you will need for each of the possible scenarios. Use Excel for this task!. Format all the cells to have center, wrap alignment. Using the format pulldown, make the row height of row 1 be 30 point. Also, format row one to have bold text. Enter your labels as shown in the example spreadsheet. Input the ingredients, units and amounts for one recipe's worth as shown on the example spreadsheet.

Now, write formulas in cells D2, E2 and F2 that will double, triple and quadruple the numerical amounts in column C.



We DO NOT type in the numbers we are looking for; we type in the equation 


To double the amount of chocolate   =C2*2       then press enter.


Now that you know how much of each ingredient it will take for all three options, you can decide which option to choose.

Next, let's take a look at the growth pattern of the ingredients.  Enter the data for column A as shown on the example. The sizing factor means the amount by which you multiply the original recipe. So, a sizing factor of 1 means you're not multiplying it at all. A sizing factor of 2 means doubling the recipe, 3 is tripling, etc. In cell B1, write the unit and ingredient you have chosen (ounces of chocolate, cups of sugar, etc.). Then, find the single, double and quadruple amounts from the correct row on your first spreadsheet and enter those in column B. You are using a multiplication formula.





Remember to Multiply in Excel you must start with an=


The = always goes in the cell where you want the answer to show 

the multiplication sign in excel is * 



Highlight the whole spreadsheet and make an x,y line graph.

What have you discovered? Has everyone discovered the same thing? Does it matter which ingredient you chose?

What does this graph mean about the way the amount of ingredient behaves in relation to the sizing factor? What kind of relationship is it? Extension - what about the slopes? Are they all the same? Discuss the logic of your findings.




We did this one together in class! 




Lesson #3

Concepts Taught: spreadsheet & power point



Lemonade Stand





To review all features of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point to create charts and graphs and use those charts and graphs to make a Power Point Presentation on your lemonade stand's profit/loss for the month.

Use the information generated playing the Lemonade Stand to create an income statement using Excel to use in the Power Point presentation.

ISTE NETS Standards for students

Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.

Students use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.


Lesson borrowed from http://www.microsoft.com/education/makingmoney.mspx#EOD



Student Directions for Making Money from Lemons

We did this assignmnet together


  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the website: http://www.coolmath-games.com/lemonade/. 



"Lemonade Stand Introduction


Hi, and welcome to Lemonade Stand!  Your goal in this game will be to make as much money as you can within 7, 14 or 30 days.  To do this, you've decided to open your own business -- a Lemonade Stand!  You'll have complete control over almost every part of your business, including pricing, quality control, inventory control, and purchasing supplies.  You'll also have to deal with the weather, which can be unpredictable.  Unfortunately, the weather will play a big part when customers are deciding whether or not to buy your product.

Other factors which will make or break your business is the price you charge.  Customers are more apt to pay higher prices when the product (your lemonade) is more in demand - When the weather is hotter.  As the temperature drops, and the weather turns bad (overcast, cloudy, rain), don't expect them to pay nearly what they would on a hot, hazy day.

The other major factor which comes into play is your customer's satisfaction.  As you sell your product, people will decide whether or not they like it, and how much they like or dislike it.  As time goes on, they'll start to tell their friends, neighbors, and relatives (hence, your 'popularity').  Sell a good product for a good price, and you'll build business over time."

  1. Open your Excel data sheet for recording your information. DataCollectionSheet for excel (1).xls
  2. Before you begin your actual data collection, you might want to experiment with how the lemonade stand runs for a few days. Once you are ready, click on the “Bankrupt!” button to see your results and start the game over.
  3. Record all the decisions you are making in your excel sheet. Also record your results.
  4. Run your stand and record your data for 10 days.
  5. If you go bankrupt before the 10 days enter the days for the days you ran the stand. Did you make a profit? Save your Excel data sheet  to T-->share-->6th--> folder with your name on it. Call it lemonade .  Run the stand and record information on Monday and Tuesday.
  6. . Open up a Microsoft Word document. Write the answers to the following questions:
    1. How did you do? Do you think your lemonade stand was successful?
    2. What did you learn from playing the game?
    3. Looking over your data, do you see any patterns?
    4. What advice would you give someone who wants to be successful at playing the game? Work on Thursday  Save the WOrd document to T-->share-->6th-->Folder with your name on it.  Save as   Running a business


Before we create graphs from our Lemonade Stand Let's make sure you know how to set up a Spreadsheet and record the data. This assignment is very much like the Lemonade Stand except you are making  coffee. 

Assignment: You are running a coffee shop. Set up a spreadsheet similar to the one we did for the Lemonade stand. You must work on this individually, and show me that you know how to set up and use formulas in a spreadsheet.



Thursday - Let's open you Lemanad Stand document up and learn


8. Utilize the data you recorded to create graphs and charts in Excel. You might to review your Notes!

9. Create a basic income statement using Excel.

19. Create an INTERESTING Power Point presentation incorporating the graphs and charts along with pictures, sounds, etc. to give a report to your Board of Directors on the profits/losses of the month.




1. Type the data in the highlighted columns into an Excel spread sheet – TEMPERATURE Column is Optional – depending on which graph you choose to make in the 3rd list of graphs.

Use the SUM FUNCTION (or Sigma Button) to total the Advertising, Total Expense, Revenue, Cup Expense, and Profit.

Use the AVERAGE FUNCTION to calculate average COST PER CUP and PRICE PER CUP.


2. Create an Income Statement that looks like the following. Use the directions given to put the numbers into the Income Statement.

a. Print it once like it is.

b. Print once with the formulas showing. To do this go to [Tools] then [Options] and check the box in front of [View Formulas] Print preview to make sure it is one page.


Jason's Lemonade Stand Income Statement
Revenue: $ 205.35 Expenses:
How much was the lemons, sugar, ice, and cups 

Total Cost of Lemonade $ 51.98

Was their a rent expense?  Total Rent Expense $ 18.75
How much did all the signs cost? 

Total Advertising Expense $ 93.00

Total the cost of the cups, sugar, lemons,

ice and advertsing! 

Total Expenses $ 163.73

Put a Formula in to subtract the profit from

the Revenue.

Net Profit $ 41.62



3. Graphs to make:

Do 2 of these

a. Grand Total Revenue - Grand Total Profit - Grand Total Expense

(Bar or column or something along that order)

b. Average cost per cup to average selling price per cup

(Bar or column or something along that order)

c. Total Rainy days to Total Sunny days.

(Pie graph)


a. Daily Revenue to Daily Expenses

(Line graph)

b. Daily Profit to Daily Expenses

(stacked bar or column graph)

c. Daily Revenue to Daily Advertising

(Line graph)

d, Daily Profit to Daily Advertising

(stacked bar or column graph)

e. At least 1 of these as a Line Graph


Cups made compared to cups sold

Cost per cup to selling price per cup

No two graphs should be the same kind - some should have DATA LABELS and some should have the DATA TABLE included but not both on the same graph.


4. Create a POWER POINT presentation and present it to part of the class.

 You need a minimum of 12 slides.

 Use all of the grapjs you made.

 Put the income statement on one slide – probably on one of the last slides.

 Use ANIMATION on over half of all parts of the show.

 Use SLIDE TRANSITIONS on at least half of the slides

 Use a background DESIGN but change it on two slides to a texture or color or something with out the design showing.

 Put your slides in good order for the presentation so your information flows together and does not jump around

 Practice the presentation.

 Create a CUSTOM SHOW with just half of your slides




Please review how the points are assigned for each project!




Excel Spreadsheet:Data Collection Sheet

All required columns included – 9

Totals calculated of required categories – 7

Averages calculated for required categories – 2

Printed on one full sheet – 2

Printed with formulas – 5


Income Statement:

Format is good – 5

Numbers are linked – 4

Total Expenses formula – 1

Net Profit formula – 1

Date in correct format – 1

Correct use of borders – 3


Graph 1

correct kind for data displayed – 2

altered so looks good - 4

labeled properly so easy to understand info presented – 4

labels are readable – 4


Graph 2

correct kind for data displayed – 2

altered so looks good - 4

labeled properly so easy to understand info presented – 4

labels are readable – 4


Graph 3

correct kind for data displayed – 2

altered so looks good - 4

labeled properly so easy to understand info presented – 4

labels are readable – 4


Graph 4

correct kind for data displayed – 2

altered so looks good - 4

labeled properly so easy to understand info presented – 4

labels are readable – 4


12 slides minimum 

3-4 Graphs used on slides

Income statement shown on a slide

Animation used on over half of all elements

Slide transitions used on at least half of the slides


50 points

Presentation given

few pauses, and, ums, ahs, etc. (10 or less)

Mouse is used with little trouble












Extra Credit

Spirograph from http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelArticles/fun-with-excel.html

The spirograph spreadsheet below was originally sent to me by Gary Stringham. He gave me permission to spruce it up a little and post it on this site. Thanks, Gary.

Spirograph in Excel

Spirograph in Excel

This is a fun little spreadsheet that lets you create a spirograph. Try playing with the slider bar and modifying some of the parameters to change scaling and the number of "spokes".

No Installation, No Macros - Just a simple spreadsheet

Download the Spirograph Download Now

Cost: Free ($0.00)

License: Personal Use Only

File Type: zipped .xls
Size: ~150 KB
Required: Microsoft Excel® 2002(XP), 2003, or 2007
How do I unzip the file?


XCEL Racer- download and create new tracks for the racer.

Here's a game I made a while back. Only I never got around to completely finishing it...it works okay but all you do is drive around the track and avoid the walls, there is no goal or score :-)

Anyway, here it is if you want to try it. Use the arrow keys to change direction or move forward. Watch out for the sound if you crash, it can be quite loud.

Being the world's least artistic person, I added a sub so that you can change the tracks if you want to. Just use the same colors as already used. Look for SetWallsAndTrack in the standard module at the bottom.

Anyway, safe driving, here's a link to download the game. Have fun.  

Grading:  Celtic Knot-graded
               Spreadsheet Notes-graded
                Mess O Mouse Project-graded - Problem solving- Can we apply what we learned from the notes we took?
                Brownies-We did together 
  1.                Data Collection Sheet for Lemonade Stand
  2.                Income Statement
  3.                2 -4 Graphs from the list
  4.                One Powerpoint of 12 slides
  5.                 Presentation
Lemonad Stand excel data-see rubric above
                Lemonade stand Charts-see rubric above
                Powerpoint of Data collected-see rubric above
Extra credit for completing any of the Extra Projects offered
Excel Video Tips Below


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