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Let's Write a report about our Favorite State.



Step One:



Take Notes. Download the Word document below. 


State sheet fro notes.doc

Next Google your state. Copy and paste the information under the headings listed on sheet


Start here for research:

General information about States


Stately Knowledge 

First Gov for Kids 

State Homepages

Official State Homepages 

State Homepages for Kids

State Symbols-seal, bird, tree, song, etc.

KidZone Geography - flags and symbols50States.com







. Print 


Use a hightlighter to pick out the important facts.



Step Two:

Open up Inspiration from the computer . Type the important notes under each category. Click and turn the graphic organizer into an outline.


State report organizer.ins


Step Three:

Create a report by turning each section of the outline into a paragraph. You should have notes under each section. You can check by looking at the outline below.




State  Name

I. Introduction

II. Symbols for your state, flower, flag, ect

III. History

A. Timeline

C. E vents

IV. Geography

A. Description

B. Landforms

C. Biome

D. Animal and Plant Life

E. Land use of natural resources

V. Weather and Climate

VI. People and economy

A. population

B. population centers

C. manufacturing

D. agriculture

E. transportation

F. communication

III. Government

A. State

B. Local

VII. Educational System

 VIII. Arts and Leisure

A. Architecture

B. Sports

C. Outdoor Activities

D. Famous People

IX. Interesting Facts

X. Reaction to the report

A. Why chosen

B. What did you find interesting

C. Where would you visit


Step Four:

After you have typed in all the interesting information go back and add clip art and pictures.


You want to add these last so you can place them right where you want them to be.








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