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Stone Fox

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Stone Fox

3rd Grade 3G

Lance Mackey takes in the view from Little McKinley on the Norton Sound




Dog Sled Race


Stone Fox is about ten-year-old Willy. Willy needs to win the big dogsled race in order to pay the back taxes on his grandfather's farm.


Ms. G's Unit plan can be found here

Written by Mr. Griffin in M.A.




"Wyoming" is Native American slang for "Almost square."


All of the street signs in Wyoming are printed in both English and American Sign Language







Task 2: Learn about Sled Dog Races 2009 Iditarod is a sled dog race in Alaska


Task 3: Mapping The Iditarod Route-Use the blank outline map of Alaska. Using the information at the http://www.iditarod.com/ use a crayon to show the route of the Iditarod.

Task 4: There will 4 groups which will research in more detail certain parts of the Stone Fox Story.


Willy lives on a potato farm. When his grandfather gets ill and can't harvest the potatoes, Willy decides to complete this job all by himself. Read about potatoes and learn what is needed to produce a harvest. You may also visit this potato site to complete your task. Your task is to write a paragraph that describes how to grow potatoes. When you have finished this task, read what you wrote and make sure that it makes sense. Are the steps to growing potatoes in order? Check your punctuation and spelling too. :)



 What kind of food is the potato and how valuable is it nutritionally? 

The answer can be found HERE  or HERE


How does the potato grow? 

The answer can be found HERE about half way down the page under spacing.


What work is necessary in order to plant and grow potatoes?

Click on question 12 on this page to find the answer


Where is potato farming an important job (include a map)?


Click on question 5 HERE to find this answer

You can find a map HERE   Now right click and select copy- then paste into WORD


What are some foods or dishes of which potatoes are a part?

You can pick a few favorites off THIS page




More sites to Try


Potatoe Facts


Potatoe Harvest





When did Wyoming become a state and what are some other important events in its history?

Check half way down THIS page . It is in the yellow line or check HERE or HERE


 What kind of land and climate does Wyoming have?

Check HERE for Lots of Facts on Wyoming.



What are some famous places and cities in Wyoming?

Famous places in the Wild West. Which ones were from Wyoming? Check HERE


 Who are some of the famous people who have come from Wyoming?

Check here for the famous folks who came from Wyoming


Where is Wyoming? Include a Map! 

You can find where it is in the Us and who it is bordered by here


Copy the Map of Wyoming from HERE



More about Wyoming Below


Wyoming State Government site





 Shoshone Indians:


Who were the Shoshone people?


You can find out who they are by clicking HERE


Where did the Shoshone people live (include a map)?

 Read the second paragraph on THIS PAGE to help find your answer


How did the Shoshone people live?


You can fing the answer HERE

What are some of the historical events which affected the Shoshones?


Here is some History from one of our Missions. or HERE


Who was the most famous Shoshone and what did she do?

You can read about her HERE







 Dog Sled Racing:


What are the rules and basic set up for dog sled racing?

Read about Safety on the Trail HERE


What equipment was and is necessary for dog sled racing? Read about the equipment HERE


What kinds of dogs are good breeds for dog sled racing and why? Some favorites breeds for racing are talked about HERE


What is the Iditarod and where does it take place (include a map)? Read the topic sentence in the first paragraph on THIS PAGE  For a map of the trail click HERE


How did the Iditarod get its start?




Stone Fox had five Samoyeds to run his sled.  Learn more about these dogs here


Sled Dog Racing 



Friendly Letter of Advice-Read the information at this dogsled site  When you have finished write a letter to Little Willy telling him what equipment he will need for the race. Don't forget to give him some encouragement!



Additional Resources to Study


On line quiz on Chapter 9


Character Summaries

Read by students



Stone Fox. Activities




Learn About Dogsledding-This must load before you begin. Enter Dogsledding 101 and then select and object to read more about it.

Make a Puzzle Use your mouse to move the pieces of the puzzle!

Mr. Potato Head-Give the site time to load and make sure to only work on giving Mr. Potato Head a new face.

Stone Fox Vocabulary Hangman-Use the words from the story to win this game!

Hangman-The same game but with different words and a little more challenging!

Iditarod Wordsearch-Follow the directions at the site. Words can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or backwards! See how long it takes you to find all the words.



 Interactive Lessons


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