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Surf Safely

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Hector Teaches us Internet Safety







Top Tips! (from Hector's Site)

  • Always ask a grown up before you use the internet. They can help you find the best thing to do.
  • Don’t tell strangers where you live, your phone number or where you go to school. Only your friends and family need to know that.
  • Don’t send pictures to people you don’t know. You don’t want strangers looking at photos of you, your friends or your family.
  • Tell a grown up if you feel scared or unhappy about anything.
  • Ask a grown up to help you put the Hector's World Safety Button on your computer. This will mean you can press it if anything makes you scared or unhappy.



Netty’s World

http://www.nettysworld.com.au    Netty’s Adventures, where Netty provides guidance on key

areas such as using websites, downloading information, making friends and using

mobile phones.




iKeepSafe.org has a kids’ area at



 Internet Safety Game   

Safe games for kids - play for pointsSafe games for kids - play for fun


The Idea Seekers want you to Practice good manners




Stay Safe and Have Fun while you're on the Internet.

And you can do just that if you follow our tips. Read them and be sure to talk to your parents about them, too. Click Play for Fun to see just how much you know. And if you're an Idea Seeker Member or Ally, you can Play for Points and earn 10 KidsKash Points just for playing. And an opportunity to earn 15 extra KidsKash Points. 


1. Always have good manners and be polite when talking to someone else online. 


2. Ask your parents to spend time with you while online so that you can show them some of the neat things

you can find online. 


3. Only use the Internet when your parents tell you it's OK, and only for as long as you are supposed to. 


4. Don't give out personal information like your address, telephone number or school name to anyone unless

you have permission from your parents. 


5. Never meet with a cyberfriend or key pal unless your parents go with you or you have their permission to go alone. 


6. Don't break copyright rules by taking words, pictures or sound from someone else's Web site without their permission. 


7. Don't respond to any e-mail messages you get if they are strange, mean or upsetting to you, and tell your parents or teachers right away. 


8. Don't send pictures of yourself or your family to anyone unless you have permission from your parents. 


9. Stop right away if you see or read something on a Web site that upsets you and tell your parents or teachers about it. 


10. Don't put words, pictures or sounds on other people's Web sites without their permission. 




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with a video

 This site has a cute video featuring Faux Paw the Techno Kitty with some simple stay safe messages

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