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Written by: Leo Lionni


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Big Ideas 


1. Understand the relationship between personal qualities, education, and training, and the world of work.


2. Work cooperatively with others as a team member.



1. Read or watch the Story Swimmy by Leo Lionni  


2. Hand all the student a small piece of red paper and one student a piece of black paper. Have the students each tear the paper to form a simple fish shape.


3. Ask the students to work together to create a school of fish to scare the tuna away just like they did in Swimmy.


4. Ask them to work together to create something other than a fish with their fish pieces.


5. Now have themeach decorate their own fish to make it unique.


6. Use the blue Cellophane (From easter baskets) to back the bullentin board and have all the children post their fish.


Follow Up


Pass out “I Wonder” Worksheet.  from Read Write and Think


I wonder what kind of fish swimmy is?

I wonder how big swimmy wil get?

I wonder what swimmy eat?


More Literacy Activities

 1. Have students create a Stapless Book  retelling the Swimmy Story

from Read Write and Think


2. Students create the sequence of events from  Swimmy in a Flip Book Have interested students write and illustrate accordion books demonstrating the sequence of events.

ICT on line link Flip Book  from Read Write and Think


3.  Students reproduce the food chain of the ocean.

ICT  connection fish food chain  from Ranger Rick


Swimmy Fun 


Swimmy Puzzle



Fish Tank- create your own fish tank


Don't get eaten   by the bigger fish


eat Fish http://www.addictinggames.com/fisheatfish.html



Deep Sea Tycoon

Deep Sea Tycoon 2



Fish Tycoon

Fish Tycoon Aquarium Game








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