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                                   Anonymous Group Member Evaluation                                        Checklists                                       Class Assessment                                     Collaborative Examinations                                        Conferencing                                         Conversations                                     Electronic Formative Feedback of Group


                                    Examinations                                      Formative Feedback on Collaborative Group Products                                       Journals                                       Peer Assessment                                        Progress Report Without Personalized Feedback                                       Rubrics                                    Self-Assessment                                                  

                 Short answer questions                                    Student Papers 


More RubricsRubistar


Rubric Machine

Scholastic Rubric Maker

Teachnology Rubrics

Recipes 4 Success



http://www.ncsu.edu/midlink/rub.multi.htm Rubric makers


http://www.archrespite.org/archfs27.htm Needs assessment




http://schools.dixonusd.org/gate/lessons.htm sample plans for all grade levels


http://clear.msu.edu/teaching/online/mimea/smile/v2/ smile- online test creator from MSU-Choices include:

 Multiple-choice, True/False, Drag/Drop, Sentence Mix, Paragraph Mix, Cloze, Multiple-Select





Graphic Organizers


Graphic Organizers

More Graphic Organizers

Create Graphic Organizers

Even More Graphic Organizers

Thinkport Graphic Organizers


Write Design



On-line Tutorals




Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more



The Recipes are tutorials that help you learn a new application.


Ideas For Using MS Word



Change directions of text.doc


columns and pictures.doc


Create a Brochure with MS Word.doc


make a mini book.pdfEffective Online Facilitation.doc


idea web in Word.pdf


NASA Science Simulations.doc


picture tool bar.pdf




PowerPoint Tutorial

InPics PowerPoint Tutorial

PowerPoint 1

PowerPoint 2

PowerPoint in the Classroom

Making PowerPoint Less Boring



Photo Edit







Setting-Up a Flickr Account

Educational Uses of Flickr




Picture 2 Life

Easy Cropper



Fan Studio

Foto Flexor

Splash Up


Microsoft Photo Editor.doc




MS Photo editor.pdf


create a free form tesselation.pdf







From the very basic to templates you can use



excel tips




 Advanced Tech Tools


Podcasting Presentation

Introduction to Podcasting

Yahoo Podcasts

Assignment: Podcast

Podcasting Resources

Podcasting in the Classroom

Another Introduction to Podcasting



Audacity Tutorial




More on Easy Podcasting



Podcast People



 How to's

http://www.lttechno.com/links/kidpix.html#How%20-%20To Integration using Kid Pix


http://www.uvm.edu/~jmorris/kidpix.html Kid Pix resources and examples



Video tutorial for Word, Excel and Powerpoint  http://computerkiddoswiki.pbwiki.com/Using%20Microsoft%20Office-%20Video%20and%20and%20Tutorials







Teacher's Helpful Hints for Using ATechnology

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Professional Development


Kelley's Inservice Document on Internet Teacher tools




The Exciting Things.doc


Microsoft Office Tutorial


Video tutorial for Word, Excel and Powerpoint  http://computerkiddoswiki.pbwiki.com/Using%20Microsoft%20Office-%20Video%20and%20and%20Tutorials

Learn by example


Best Teaching Practices=Implementing Educational Theories 


Instructional Strategies


Differentiated Instruction/UDL


http://bookbuilder.cast.org/view.php?op=share&book=4707&page=1 nice audio/slide show explanation


http://adifferentplace.org/differentiated.htm a nice overview


http://www.funlessonplans.com/index.htm Pre-school plans




http://staff.antioch34.com/BAnderson/diffinfo.htm sample plans


http://web.westbloomfield.k12.mi.us/ealy/lafer/teachers.html activities and blackline masters


http://www.teach-nology.com/tutorials/teaching/differentiate/planning/ planning for differentiated instruction


http://www.help4teachers.com/samples2.htm sample layer curriculumn units ofr Middle School


http://www.openc.k12.or.us/reaching/tag/dcsamples.html sample pre-k to 8 of differentiated instructional plans. In .pdf format download.


 http://atozteacherstuff.com/pages/1697.shtml really need idea for differentiated plan can be used with a variety of  subjects


http://www.schoolhousedoor.com/teacher/experts-craig-lessonplan.htm Native American differentiated Instructional Plan


http://www.augusthouse.com/learning_center/lesson_plans lots of differentiated plans based on Children's literature selections.


http://faculty.rmwc.edu/mentor_grant/Differentiated/lesson_template.htm planning sheet for differentiated instruction


http://principalsoffice.osu.edu/grants6.php lesson plan checklist for differentiated Instruction


Lesson Plan Sites with Thematic Units


http://www.units4teachers.com/archives.php  FREE, professionally created, and ready-to-use Theme Units and Resources for their classroom: These can be adapted for use with special needs, levels and situations


http://www.funderstanding.com/thematic_instruction.cfm Thematic instruction integrates basic disciplines like reading, math, and science with the exploration of a broad subject, such as communities, rain forests, river basins, the use of energy, and so on.








4 Blocks

http://www.wfu.edu/education/fourblocks/ 4 Blocks Reading incorporates on a daily basis the different approaches to beginning reading. The Four-Blocks®--Guided Reading, Self Selected Reading, Writing and Words--represent four different approaches to teaching children to read. Daily instruction in all Four-Blocks® provides numerous and varied opportunities for all children to learn to read and write.


 http://www.cherylsigmon.com/about.asp website with a nice overview of 4 blocks. Also a new section for Kindergarten and Pre-school teachers


http://www.saskschools.ca/curr_content/bestpractice/index.html  instructional approaches and strategies for teaching and learning in today's classrooms, creating a

differentiated learning environment.  Instructional Practices include: Jigsaw, Learning Centers, Literature Circles, Co-operative Learning. Readers Writers Workshops, Inquiry Learning, Syntex , Learning contracts, tiered activies, anchor activities, resource-based learning, simulations, on-line projects, project based learning and reading response journals. assessmentsw include portfolios,exit card rubrics.


Instructional Practices


http://www.elschools.org/publications/webarchive/vol10no4.html sample instructional practices


http://www.literaturecircles.com/article1.htm Literature circles, explanation and samples


http://home.att.net/~teaching/litcircles.htm Literature Circle Models


http://home.att.net/~teaching/litcircleblacklines.htm many wonderful resources to help  get started with Literature Circles, includes blackline masters.


http://edtech.kennesaw.edu/intech/cooperativelearning.htm Cooperative learning is a successful teaching strategy in which small teams, each with students of different levels of ability, use a variety of learning activities to improve their understanding of a subject. Each member of a team is responsible not only for learning what is taught but also for helping teammates learn, thus creating an atmosphere of achievement.


http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/lockers/users/f/felder/public/Columns/Quickone.html instead of a lecture on material try this


http://clerccenter.gallaudet.edu/literacy/programs/writing.html  Writer’s Workshop Instructional

Help students draft, share, edit, and publish their writing. Give daily mini-lessons on ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. Use of word walls, dictionaries, thesaurus, and other resources to help students write


http://www.kimskorner4teachertalk.com/writing/menu.html fresh ideas for teaching writing using 6 trait writing model


http://www.plsweb.com/resources/newsletters/enews_archives/53/2006/05/02/ Differentiated instruction is a technique of creating multiple paths of learning so that students with different abilities, interests, or learning needs experience equally appropriate ways to absorb, apply, develop, and understand concepts as a part of the daily learning process.


http://www.holdingford.k12.mn.us/teachers/panderson/AnchorActivity.htm Sample anchor activities you can use in the classroom.


http://pblchecklist.4teachers.org/checklist.shtml Project Based Learning check lists


http://www.edutopia.org/projectbasedlearning Project based Learning


http://www.edutopia.org/teachingmodules/PBL/whatispbl.php  Good overall description for Project based learning


http://www.rmcdenver.com/useguide/pbl.htm Project-based learning, problem-based learning, and inquiry-based learning all three closely relate to the information processing approach.




researchfourblocks1.doc downloadable white paper with research on 4 blocks.



Multiple Intelligence


http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/concept2class/mi/w1_interactive1.html Interactive examples




http://members.shaw.ca/priscillatheroux/differentiating.html Differentiation can occur in the content, process, product or environment in the classroom.




Learning Styles

http://www.chaminade.org/inspire/learnstl.htm learning styles chart you might like to use


http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/concept2class/inquiry/index.html An old adage states: "Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand."


 Instructional Practices



how to make blogs, wiki's web sites,documents, prsentations, podcasting,learning tools teacher tools.


When you click on these they will open in MS Word. This allows you to save the information to your own computer if you wish it!


Seven Principles of Effective Teaching.doc


seven styles of learning.doc


Strategies for Effective Use of Chat.doc



No Need to Reinvent the Wheel 

tests and assesment created on line


NoteStar : A Project Based Learning Research Tool

Assign topics to group members • Take notes • Easily track source information • Organize notes and sources to create printable notes and bibliography ...




Anecdotal Records  


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