Treasure Island

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Treasure Island


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Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

Stevenson wrote Treasure Island for his stepson in 1881. He said that,

"If this don't fetch the kids, why, they have gone rotten since my day".

It's a tale of pirates, a treasure map, a mutiny and a one-legged sea cook.

Treasure Island remains one of literature's best loved adventure stories.

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Characters:Main Characters


  • Jim Hawkins:
  • Billy Bones
  • Squire John Trelawney
  • Long John Silver's
  • Dr. Livesey
  • Captain Alexander Smollett
  • Long John Silver
  • Israel Hands
  • Job Anderson
  • Ben Gunn
  • Blind Pew
  • Captain Flint


HIstorical background



Study Guide


Unit Study Part 1

"The Old Buccaneer"

Ideas for this section taken from www.easyfunschool.com and Mrs. Cassleman's assignment sheet.


Word Document of the information below

Treasure Island Unit Study Part 1.doc


Define the meaning as the one used in the book.






"the horrors"












Choosse three of the following to complete on Part 1: "The Old Buccaneer". You may choose either the odd or the even activities.


1. Using the descriptions of each character as they appear in the story, draw pictures of what you think the characters look like.

Treasure Island Characters

Treasure Island (Characters): Information from Answers.com

Concept Designs: Treasure Island Characters


2. Study the likfe of pirates in the 1700's How did they dress? How did they dress? What did they eat? How did they live? Where were they from? How did one get to be a pirate captain?

You may use the Library and the internet to help you find the answers. Remember to read the information and then rewrite it in your own words.

18th Century History - The Age of Reason and Change

1700–1799 (A.D.) World History — Infoplease.com

The Costume Gallery's Online Library- 1700s Costume History

Pirate Encyclopedia

1700s | libcom.org



3.There were many different coins in Billy Bon's moneny bag. Can you identify what country each coin came from and draw a picture of what it would look like?

You may research coin collecting at the library or on the internet to help you find the answers.

Pirate Coins & Doubloons


Pirate Games, Pirate Coins, Pirate Dice


4. Treasure Island can be a very confusing story, where some events seem to  happen very quickly and some events seem strung out or told after the fact. To helo keep the story straight create a timeline of the events.

YYou may use any of the sites or templates below to create your timeline. Remember if you use an online program you cannot save if you are only 1/2 finished. The online templates are ment to type in the information you have already gathered.



Time Line Maker

ReadWriteThink: Student Materials: Timeline

OurTimeLines.com - Create Timeline


Templates that you can download and save as you go along

Creating a Timeline in Microsoft Word

This tutorial shows you how to create a timeline by using the drawing tools in ... Draw lines starting on the timeline and ending where you choose. ..

Timeline Maker Basic - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET ...

Apr 18, 2007 ... Come to CNET Download.com for free and safe Timeline Maker Basic downloads. Organize your experiences, record history, and present plans.


5.What was inside Billy Bone's mysterious sea chest? If you had to pack a sea chest, what would you pack and why?

The Sea Chest Nautical Bookshop 2500 Channel Islands Imray Chart Pack

See full size image


6. Make your own treasure map using symbols instead of words.

You make use ideas from websites but must construct your own map!

Treasure Map - how to make a treasure map

Treasure Map

Pirate Treasure Map

Using Map Keys and Symbols


The Sea Cook

Part II 

Here is the Assignment in a MS Word Document

treasue Islan 2.doc


Treasure Island Part II


Define the meaning as the one used in the book




Black Dog














"The trades"












Answer the following questions


1. Find a map of England and the cities mentioned in the story


2. Why was it longer that they espected before they were ready to got to sea?


3. Tom Redruth's job was a gamekeeper. What did he do as a gamekeeper?


What is poaching


4. Describe "Lone John Silver" as he appears in this part of the story.


5. Describe howyoung Haskins felt as he left his home for his high-seas adventure. Do you think it strange that he felt this way? Why or Why not?


6. How did Long John Silver gain young Hawkins confidence?


7. Who was at the "Spy-Glass" that Hawkins knew to be a scoundrel? What is a spy glass?


8. What happened to Mr. Arrow?


9. What was so important about Jim hiding in an apple barrel? What did he hear?


My Shore Adventures


Part III




Define the terms as they are used in the book


Scuppers under








Mess of swabs








Clove Hitch




Answer the following questions


1. Draw a picture of the Island as Jim described it at the opening of this section "How My  Shore Adventure Began".


2. Why did Jim take an immediate dislike to  Treasure Island?


3. Why did the doctor think that instead of treasure they might find fever (feve)?


4. Why did Jim perceive Long John obvious and anxious cheerfulness as the worst sign of the coming mutiny?


5. What did John Silver do that caused Jim to almost faint.


6.What does it mean to be marooned? Why was Ben Gunn marooned?


7. Why did Ben Gunn count being marooned as Providence? Do you agree or disagree with this? Why or Why not?


8. In this section, what is the "cliff-hanger" ending before the next section begins?




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