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Writing a Report

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 Writing a Report



Gather the data-->organize it by catergory-->check the sources for authenticity-->



Read and Reflect-->Write the report based on your reading and reflection-->


Site your sources.







Copy and paste is good for notes-->Not for finished products



Goal Oriented Reports



Gathering the Data


1. What is the authority behind the website? Just because the material is presented on a web Page does not make it accurate.

2. Seperate fact from opinion

3. Bookmark and keeptrack of your sites

4. Verify the data 2-3 sources-authentic-with authority



Orgainze Your Notes


1. Create an outline

2. Use Inspiration to create a web

3. Remember a out line is a set of breif notes-not entire sentences and paragraphs


Check Your Sources


1.Cross reference

2. Check with a reputable site (Britanica ect)

3. Look for dates

4. Use the citation Machine to site it properly


You can use the form available here: http://landmark-project.com/evaluation/dic1.php





1. Read and actually think about the information. Why is it important? How did it change things? How does this information affectr me, ect





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