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American Indian Tribes

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American Indian Tribes


G1.2 Geographical Inquiry and Analysis

The Big Idea

Use geographic inquiry and analysis to answer important questions about relationships between people, cultures, their
environment, and relations within the larger world context.
Geographers use information and skills to reach conclusions about significant questions regarding the
relationships between people, their cultures, the environments in which they live, and the relationships
within the larger world context. Students will reach their own conclusions using this information and make a
reasoned judgment about the most justifiable conclusion based on the authenticity of the information, their
skill at critically analyzing and synthesizing the information, and presenting the results of the inquiry.


7 – G1.2.6 Apply the skills of geographic inquiry (asking geographic questions, acquiring geographic
information, organizing geographic information, analyzing geographic information, and answering
geographic questions) to analyze a problem or issue of importance to a region



The Study of Native Americans

inkido.indiana.edu/w310work/romac/native.htmFeb 11, 1998 – The regions include Southwest, Plains, and Northwest. ... goals is to get a historical as well as current day perspective on Native Americans. ...


1. Research


Website on the American Indians done by 4th graders


American Indians of the Southeast

Indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands - Wikipedia, the ...

en.wikipedia.org/.../Indigenous_peoples_of_the_Southeastern_Wood...During the Indian Removal era of the early 19th century, many southeastern tribes were forcibly relocated to Indian Territory by the US federal government;  


Native Americans Facts for Kids: An American Indian website for ...

www.native-languages.org/kids.htmThe Chickasaws were one of several Southeast Indian tribes forced to move to Oklahoma along the Trail of Tears. Chinooks Native Americans of the Pacific .


Native Americans in Olden Times for Kids - Southeast Woodland ...

nativeamericans.mrdonn.org/southeast.htmlHome Native Americans for Kids Native Americans for Teachers ... The Indians of the Southeast were considered members of the Woodland Indians


Native American Tribes of the Southeast

www.davemcgary.com/southeast-native-american-tribes.htmNative Americans Tribes. Southeast Region: Tribal History.


South Eastern Woodlands



Southeast Indians - Cherokee - Native Americans in Olden Times for ...

nativeamericans.mrdonn.org/southeast/cherokee.htmlWhat is the Darkening Land? What was the Trail of Tears? Find out here


Links on Native Americans in the Southeast

www.unc.edu/depts/phe/nativeamericanssouth.htm - Block all www.unc.edu results

Native Americans in the Southeast. The Catawba Naiton: http://www.catawba-nation.com/ This official homepage includes information on Catawba history,


Northeastern Woodlands

Northeast Woodland Indians - Native Americans in Olden Times ...

nativeamericans.pppst.com/northeast.htmlNative Americans - Eastern Woodland Indians (many). For Kids. Iroquois Nation in ... Northeast Woodland Indians Myths and Legends


North American Indians - Northeast Woodlands Culture Area

www.cabrillo.edu/~crsmith/noamer_newoodlands.htmlMar 9, 2000 – The Indian peoples of the Northeastern woodlands were the storybook Indians - "skulking" through the "dark forest primeval,


Woodland Tribes

www.ahsd25.k12.il.us/.../nativeamericans/woodlandtribes.htmlThere were two main language groups of Native Americans in the northeast region: Iroquois and Algonquin


WINGMASTERS Northeast Woodland Indians

www.wingmasters.net/nwindians.htmAsk the next person you meet to draw a picture of a Native American. ... Still we can reconstruct something of who the Northeast Woodland people were


MIA Curriculum (Northeast Woodlands)

www.artsmia.org/surrounded-by-beauty/.../NEwoodlands.pdfFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
The Woodlands people along the eastern seaboard were among the first Native Americans to feel the impact of European immigrati




American Indians of the Southwest


Southwest Tribes

www.ahsd25.k12.il.us/curriculum/nativeamericans/SW.htmlThere were two groups of Native Americans in the southwest region. The Pueblo, Hopi and Zuni were descended from the Anasazi culture of 1700 years ago


The Southwest Culture

www.u-s-history.com/pages/h949.htmlThe Southwest Culture refers to Indian societies in the American Southwest, such as ... Some scholars date the origin of native cultures in the southwestern United ... Three significant cultures emerged in the regio


Native American Tribes of the Southwest

www.davemcgary.com/southwest-native-american-tribes.htmNative Americans Tribes. Southwest Region: Tribal History. Below are brief descriptions about the tribes that artist Dave McGary focuses on


Native American Peoples of the Desert Southwest - DesertUSA

www.desertusa.com/ind1/du_peo_native1.htmlMany cultural and linguistic Native American groups made (and still make) the deserts of the American Southwest their home. Each group ... Native American culture permeates the desert regions of North America, even to this day



American Indians of the Pacific Northwest coast


American Indian | Native | First Nations | Pacific Northwest | Chinook ...

www.kidzworld.com/article/1387-american-indians-northwest-bandsNorthwest Indians live along the Pacific Ocean, from southern Alaska, through coastal British Columbia, and into Washington State


Native American Culture: Cultural Comparison, The Pacific Coast ...

dale-raugust.suite101.com › ... › Native American HistoryApr 11, 2009 – Prior to the introduction of European ways, Native Americans of the Pacific Coast lead lives culturally distinct from the Indians of the Great Basin


American Indians of the Pacific Northwest

content.lib.washington.edu/aipnw/thrush.htmlThe Native Americans of Puget Sound have been known as Puget Salish and Southern Coast Salish, and by various spellings of tribes and reservations


Pages of Shades - Native Americans

www.angelfire.com/realm/shades/nativeamericans/nativeam6.htmJump to the Northwest Pacific Coast‎: The west coast of North America, from southern Alaska to northern California, forms the Northwest Pacific Coast



American Indians of the Great Plains


Plains Indians

www.mce.k12tn.net/indians/reports4/plains.htmThe rolling land was covered with grassland and a few mountains. The Black Hills were high and steep. Few Indians lived on the Great Plains before white men


The Plains

www.ahsd25.k12.il.us/curriculum/nativeamericans/plains.htmlThe land of the Plains Native Americans stretched from the the Mississippi River to


American Indian | Native | First Nations | Plains and Southeastern ...

www.kidzworld.com/.../1303-american-indians-plains-tribes-and-...American Indians - Plains Tribes & Southeastern Tribes. Love. 11. Hate. 2. Great Plains Indians during the 1880s to 1920. ... Great Plain Indian in Sun Dance


The Plains Culture

www.u-s-history.com/pages/h941.htmlNative Americans. Lying immediately east of the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains consist of sprawling expanses of grassland up to 400 miles wide. Although


2. Create an Interesting Report

PowerPoint Report



template for American Indian Region reports.pptx


Sample project


Native American Culture Area Example Project.doc


Requirements- The we grade you on


Native American Culture Study project requirements.doc


3. Please take notes in the Prepared Study Guide as each team presents


Study grid to fill in for the tribes.xlsx


4. Go over the Grading Rubric to make sure you have everything


Grading Rubric for American Indians Project.xlsx


What do I do when  am done???


Native American Madness  
Native American Memory  
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