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After School Games

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Physics Games






































the picture above which will take you to a page of games


Free Choice Games






Featured Educational Games

Keyboarding GamesTyping Practice – ColorsPlay Math Lines GameMath Lines 10


Play Preschool Color Mix GameColor MixPlay Music Band GameMusic Band



Play Typing Adventure 1Typing Adventure Level 1Play Math Man GameMath Man


Play Preschool Rymes GameRhymesHave Fun Painting Animal PicturesPainting Animals



Typing ChallengeTyping ChallengePlay Odds & Evens GameOdds and Evens Level 1


Changes VideoBeach RapPlay Musical Notes GameMusical Notes


US State GamesUS State GamesLiterature GamesLiterature Games


Short Vowel GamesShort Vowel GamesAnimal GamesAnimal Games




Curious George

Splat Symphony

Splat paint and make music!

Music, Colors, Musical Instruments, Art, Artists


Building, Dinosaurs, Trains




Healthy Eating, Gardening, Problem Solving








Storytelling, Vocabulary, Create, Drama, Words, Performing on Stage






Science Games

  More Games

Dinosaur Train


Scene Seeker


Find the hidden things in the scene.

Play Now!

Dinosaur Train


Pteranodon Fishing


Distance, Counting, Nature, Dinosaurs, Numbers, Estimation


Fish like Pteranodons: spot, dive and scoop!

Plum Landing


Jungle Rangers


Wildlife, Animals, Environment, Rainforest, Habitats, Ecosystems


Find Amazing Creatures in the Jungle!

Wild Kratts


Go Batty!


Habitats, Mammals, Wildlife, Halloween, Nature


Move like a bat!

Dinosaur Train


Flying with Buddy


Dinosaurs, Counting, Oceans, Math


How many shells can you collect with Buddy?

Curious George




Robots, Inventions


Use your engineering skills to help build a robot with Curious George!

Plum Landing


Water Safari


Wildlife, Animals, Nature, Environment, Habitats, Earth Science


Find Neat Creatures in a Mangrove Swamp!

Design Squad




Building, Tools, Experiments, Design


Build a Fidgit room, start a challenge and share it with friends!

Dinosaur Train


Dino Dash!


Environment, Dinosaurs, Biology


Who is the fastest Ornithomimus?

Wild Kratts


Firefly Flash


Science, Wildlife, Bugs, Patterns


Can you figure out the firefly code?

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


WHOAHler Coaster


Building, Physics, Energy, Design, Gravity


Give Ruff the ride of his life!

Sid the Science Kid


Roly Poly Round-up


Spring, Counting, Numbers, Nature


Help the roly polies get into the log.

Martha Speaks


Can You Dig It?


Environment, Stories/Books, Reading, Habitats, Ecosystems


Check out this non-fiction story about the environment!

Curious George


Flower Garden


Counting, Gardening, Gardens, Math


Plant and count flowers with George!

Martha Speaks


A Tale of Two Soup Cans


Going Green, Scientific Reasoning, Recycling, Environment, Conservation, Stories/Books, Reading


What happens to a soup can if you throw it away?



Rule the Roost


Experiments, Science Projects


Which team will be on top when time runs out?

The Cat in the Hat




Experiments, Physics, Gravity, Space


Test gravity with the Cat in the Hat in outer space!

Sid the Science Kid


Mystery Lunchbox


Biology, Experiments, Science Projects


See what happens to food when you leave it too long.

Wild Kratts


Slither Run


Biology, Camp, Halloween, Wildlife, Reptiles, Habitats


Slither through the rattlesnake tunnels with Martin!

Sid the Science Kid


Pan Balance


Science Projects, weight, Measurement


Play with the pan balance!

The Cat in the Hat


Freeze Your Knees


Wildlife, Senses, Winter, Create, Environment, Scientific Reasoning, Winter Holidays


Help bring Ralph the Reindeer home to Freeze Your Knees Valley!

The Cat in the Hat


Clatter-Clang Island


Cars, Biology, Goals


Drive the Thingamajigger & save Clatter-Clang Island!

Wild Kratts


Capture the Fishmobiles




Feed and energize the Pelican and Osprey by catching as many fish as you can!

Sesame Street


A Twiddlebug Tool Adventure


Science, Experiments, Scientific Reasoning, Design, Problem Solving, Physics


Help Ernie use tools to get the Twiddlebugs home.

Plum Landing




Wildlife, Nature, Mammals, Environment, Habitats, Ecosystems


Help Plum rid the habitats of invasive species!

The Cat in the Hat


The Swirly Whirly Pearl Hunt


Fish, Deductive Reasoning, Oceans, Create, Logic


Explore the Swirly Whirly Sea & find the Swirly Whirly Pearl!

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


Geyser Surpriser


Weather & Climate, Speed, Water, Experiments, Ecosystems, Estimation, Physics


Cook Ruff's lunch...with geysers!

Sid the Science Kid


Weather Surprise


Seasons, Weather & Climate, Science Projects, Math


Match items to the right environments!

Sid the Science Kid


Snow Search


Maps, Weather & Climate, Winter Holidays, Math


Find the hidden snowy surprises!

Sid the Science Kid


I Want to be a Scientist


Dress Up, Jobs, Scientists


Dress up Gabriela like a scientist!

Sid the Science Kid


Vegetable Patterns


Patterns, Science Projects, Gardening, Problem Solving


Make veggie patterns!

Wild Kratts


Creature Round-up


Wildlife, Animals, Mammals, Fish, Bugs, Shapes, Patterns, Reptiles, Navigate, Habitats, Birds, Math


Help free animals from Zach's evil traps!

Sid the Science Kid


Sid Says


Biology, Vocabulary, Exercise/Fitness


Copy Sid's dad as he moves those muscles!

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman




Body Parts, Biology, Illness + Getting Better


Watch out for the soap!

Wild Kratts


Flower Flier


Fractions, Birds, Math, Nature


Get nectar and fly like a hummingbird.

Sid the Science Kid


Vegetable Planting!


Gardening, Science Projects, Gardens, Measurement


Let's plant some seedlings!

The Cat in the Hat


Chasing Rainbows


Weather & Climate, Cats, Coloring, Colors


Can you help catch a rainbow?

Sid the Science Kid


Gabriela's Balancing Act


Estimation, Scientific Reasoning, Physics


Balance the bird feeder with different objects.



Pour to Score


Volume, States of Matter, Measurement


No splashing around with this tough liquid puzzle!

Sid the Science Kid


Gerald's Weather Wheel Dress Up


Summer, Weather & Climate, Dress Up, Winter Holidays


Play a dress up game with Gerald!

Plum Landing


Explore the Outback


Wildlife, Animals, Nature, Environment, Habitats, Earth Science


Find Cool Creatures in the Desert!

Curious George


Animal Scrapbook


Wildlife, Animals


Help George make a Scrapbook of all his favorite animal friends.

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


Robot Rover


Building, Science, Physics, Dogs


Build a FETCHing robot dog.

Curious George


Chock-a-Block Zoo


Wildlife, Coloring, Animals


Discover hidden animals, by coloring with rods of different lengths and colors!

Sid the Science Kid


Say What?


Wildlife, Animals


What animal sound is Sid making?

Plum Landing


Make a Mangrove


Wildlife, Animals, Environment, Experiments, Habitats, Ecosystems


Build your own ecosystem in a mangrove!

Sid the Science Kid


Collection Jar


Scientific Reasoning, Science Projects, Measurement


Help sort and observe Sid's collection!

The Cat in the Hat


Hermit Shell


Patterns, Scientific Reasoning, Math


Find the right shells for the hermit crabs!

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


Disco Fiasco


Experiments, Physics, Winter


Get Ruff's party started!

The Cat in the Hat


The Great Nocturnal Hat Hunt


Biology, Senses, Animals, Mammals, Halloween, Wildlife


Help the Cat find his hat using nocturnal animal powers!

Sid the Science Kid


Super Duper Antibodies!


Biology, Jobs, Illness + Getting Better


Help Sid fight the Flu virus!



Can You Fill It?


Volume, Water, Estimation, Measurement


Be careful not to soak the CyberSquad!

Wild Kratts


Creature Mobile


Cars, Wildlife, Animals, Design


Use different creature powers to engineer a vehicle to outrace the Zachbots!

Dinosaur Train


Window Watcher


Habitats, Dinosaurs, Nature, Forest, Trains


Ride the train and look for dinosaurs!





Environment, Going Green, Future, Conservation, Habitats, Ecosystems


Help the earth!

Wild Kratts




Shapes, Wildlife, Animals, Bugs, Math


Build your web and watch out for wasps!

Plum Landing


Rocky Mountain Roundup


Wildlife, Animals, Nature, Environment, Habitats, Earth Science


Find living things on the mountain!

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


CSI: Tugboat Thug


Science, Experiments, Seasons


Who took Ruff's bathtub tugboat?

Plum Landing


Feed the Dingo


Wildlife, Animals, Environment, Experiments, Habitats, Ecosystems


Build your own desert ecosystem!



Caillou Gardener


Going Green, Experiments, Gardening, Gardens


Help Caillou take care of his garden.

Curious George


Super Bouncy Blast Off


Counting, Estimation, Rockets, Space


Can you help George launch the rocket?

Fizzy's Lunch Lab


Hectic Harvest


Healthy Eating, Gardening, Problem Solving


Help Mixie Bot on Professor Fizzy's Farm!

Sid the Science Kid


Crystals Rule!


Science Projects, Math, Measurement


Measure crystals with May!

Sid the Science Kid


Snowflake Match


Patterns, Weather & Climate, Winter Holidays


Match snowflakes with Gerald!



DragonflyTV Cup


Olympics / Sports, Navigate, Competition, Sports, Water, Boats, Physics


Trim the sails. The race is on!

Dinosaur Train


Conductor's Concentration


Environment, Dinosaurs


How many matches can you make?





Building, Physics, Oceans, Gravity, Ocean, Design, Science Projects


Build, test, design and explore to save the day!





Wildlife, Art, Nature, Mammals, Environment, Ecosystems


Create your own creature!

Wild Kratts


Dolphin Dive


Habitats, Mammals, Wildlife, Oceans, Energy


Swim with dolphins & speak "dolphinese!"

Martha Speaks


Super Inventions


Stories/Books, Wildlife, Reading, Inventions


Check out these awesome inventions inspired by animals!

Curious George


Feed Gnocchi


Test, Experiments, Physics, Cats, Machines


Get the meatball on to Gnocchi's plate!

Martha Speaks


How to be an Inventor


Stories/Books, Reading, Design, Inventions


Learn about famous inventors!

Wild Kratts


Caracal Leap


Mammals, Wildlife, Nature


Jump like a Caracal cat.

Plum Landing


Seed Racer


Plants, Ecosystems, Wildlife, Biology, Environment


Help Plum collect all the seeds!



Star Gazing


Outer Space, Geometry, Estimation, Space, Measurement


A new angle on space exploration.

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


Dog Pound


Science, Weather & Climate, Experiments, Letters, Space


Pound the answers, not the dog.



Goldburger to Go


Building, Gadgets, Experiments, Inventions


Perfect the invention to deliver lunch.

The Cat in the Hat


Huff Puff-a-Tron


Shapes, Geometry, Colors, Math


Let's go fly a kite!

Plum Landing




Habitats, Ecosystems, Wildlife, Animals, Nature


Feed the fish and get it to safety!

Plum Landing


Nature Sketchpad


Wildlife, Coloring, Animals, Nature, Environment, Habitats, Art


Draw what's in nature!

Wild Kratts


Go Cheetah Go


Mammals, Wildlife, Cats, Physics


Build and race your own cheetah.

The Cat in the Hat


Flower Finder


Plants, Biology, Nature, Create, Wildlife, Deductive Reasoning, Ecosystems


Help the animals find the flowers that they need with the Cat in the Hat!

Sid the Science Kid


Character Journals


Science Projects, Art, Drawing


Draw observations with your favorite scientists!

Sid the Science Kid


Gerald's Fun with Friction


Scientific Reasoning, Experiments, Physics


Help Gerald knock down the tower!



3 Puck Chuck


States of Matter, Experiments, Physics, Sports


Chuck a puck and test your luck.

Dinosaur Train


Backyard Theropods


Habitats, Ecosystems, Wildlife


Listen to the therapods!

Dinosaur Train


Dinosaur Field Guide


Habitats, Ecosystems, Reference, Vocabulary, Dinosaurs


Learn cool facts about dinosaurs!

Martha Speaks


True Stories


Building, Vocabulary, Inventions, Computer, Measurement, Stories/Books, Reading


Join Martha & friends in a series of non-fiction interactive stories and videos!

Martha Speaks


Socks in Space


Gravity, Vocabulary, Space


Help Martha collect her socks... in space!

Curious George


Secret Agent George




Help George use his five senses to pretend he's a secret agent!

The Greens


Light It Right


Environment, Going Green, Energy


Quick! Turn out the lights!

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


Dog Pound 3


Science, Weather & Climate, Experiments, Letters


Pound the answers, not the dog.

Sesame Street


Earth Exploration


Biology, Science, Wildlife, Bugs, Outer Space, Habitats, Birds


Explore Earth and discover animals with your favorite Martians

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


Water We Doing


States of Matter, Water, Chemistry


Take Chet's place as Ruff's intern

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


CSI: Squeak Sneak


States of Matter, Scientific Reasoning, Experiments


Use canine sniffer intelligence to solve the case

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


CSI: Hat Snatcher


Science, Fish, Experiments, Seasons


Use sleuthing skills to see who snatched the hat!

Plum Landing


Mountain Scramble


Wildlife, Animals, Environment, Experiments, Habitats, Ecosystems


Build your own mountain ecosystem!

The Cat in the Hat


Leafylafoo Roundup


Plants, Sorting, Nature, Create, Shapes, Colors


Catch and sort leaves from the Leafylafoo tree!



Groovy Garden


Water, Earth Day, Gardening, Recycling, Going Green, Gardens


Grow your own groovy garden.



Quest 4: Stop the Stormerator!


Shapes, Weather & Climate, Geometry, Navigate, Water, Experiments, Measurement, States of Matter


Disable the weatherbots before it's too late!

Wild Kratts


Croc Hatch!


Wildlife, Animals, Environment, Reptiles, Measurement, Habitats, Math


Hatch the baby crocs!

Curious George


Blast Off!


Outer Space, Counting, Math, Space


Count down to blast off!



Caillou the Paleontologist


Habitats, Dinosaurs, Experiments, Jobs


Dig up dinosaur bones with Caillou.

Curious George


Big Picture


Experiments, Tools


Observe and experiment with Curious George!





Building, Science, Energy, Robots, Gadgets, Design


Can your bot master these obstacle courses?

Plum Landing


Can You Dig It?


Wildlife, Nature, Mammals, Habitats, Ecosystems, Desert


Help the Bilby dig for food!

Sesame Street


Oscar's Trash Collection


Environment, Patterns, Cleaning up/Chores, Shapes


Sort Oscar's trash by color and shape.

Martha Speaks


Operation Ice Cream


Gadgets, Stories/Books, Reading, Inventions


Check out this non-fiction story about technology!

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


Dog Pound 2


Tools, Weather & Climate, Speed, Science, Geography


Pound the answers, not the dog!

Curious George


Mix and Paint


Colors, Experiments, Art


Mix colors and paint with Curious George.



Matching Game


Vocabulary, Nature, Writing, Environment, Words, Reading, Literacy


Help Caillou match the leaves!

FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman


Dish It Out


Building, Physics, Design, Measurement


Make your own challenge!


Run AWAY Train Game





Hot wheels



Lego Racer




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