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(VThe week  of 9/20-25


September - Design online

Color_the_Words_in_the_Shells.pdf MakerSpace To Go Ideas.docx

School Websites

St. Stephens https://www.ststephenschoolgr.com/

ISJ https://www.mychristianschool.com/

Shawmut Hills Academy https://www.grps.org/shawmuthills

Anchor Point Christian https://www.anchorpointchristian.org/







Pete the Cat is a fictional cartoon cat, created by American artist James Dean. The series started with four books illustrated by Dean and with text by Eric Litwin; since then, James Dean and his wife Kimberly Dean have written and illustrated the series of books.







Pete the Cat





PBS Kids






Team 1 ( APC ,ISJ)   1st and 2nd , (SS 2nd and 3rd) 


Floats or Sinks


Concepts: Density is what decides whether an object sinks or floats in water. If something is less dense than water, it floats. If something is more dense than water, it sinks.


Explanation below



 Splash Dash on PBS Kids 




Testing with our stem Kit


Materials needed: 

  • Bucket, tub or container to hold water
  • Water
  • Towel 
  • Items found in our kit  or basic items found in the classroom.


  1. Before you begin, make predictions.  What do you think will float? Sink? Why?  
  2. Fill the container with water.  
  3. Place each object into the water.
  4. Note whether the object sinks or floats!
  5. Conduct your investigation, make observations and record your findings.  Perform the experiment where your scientist can easily reach into the container, and where you won’t mind a bit of water dribbling out!  Ask:  
    1. Why do you think some objects float and some objects sink?
    2. Is there anything the same about the objects that floated?
    3. What is the same about the objects that sank?

Ways to expand it:

  • Go larger. Use a larger bin to test larger objects.
  • Place an orange in your container of water. Observe what happens. Next, peel the orange and place the peeled orange into the container. Can you explain what you see?
  • Float a flat piece of foil on top of the water, then crumple the foil into a ball, and see what happens.
  • Here is a great resource to explain sink and float facts! https://www.coolkidfacts.com/sink-and-float-facts-for-kids/






   schoolhouse-clipart-school-for-clip-art-di6e5dri9 - State RoadTeam 2-

* Type for 10 minutes on Typing club. https://www.typingclub.com/



Design on line












*** choice time--









         Pencil Clip Art by Draw and Paint with Tammy | Teachers Pay TeachersTeam 3 (SS 4&5) (ISJ 5/6)

Type for 10  



Room Design Made Easy

Using the RoomSketcher App, you can create your room design on your computer, tablet or both. Your projects are stored in the cloud and they synch across devices, so you can access them anywhere you want. To get started, draw your floor plan, choose your furnishings, and see your room design in 3D – it’s that easy!

Draw Your Floor Plan
Draw a floor plan of your room in minutes using simple drag and drop drawing tools. Simply click and drag your cursor to draw or move walls. Select windows and doors from the product library and just drag them into place. Built-in measurement tools make it easy to create an accurate floor plan.

Furnish Your Room
To furnish your room, select an item or finish from the product library and drag it into place. The RoomSketcher product library contains over 5,000 materials and products for you to choose from. Resize items easily and experiment with different finishes.








Drawing With Canva




    clip art middle school - Clip Art Library



Junior High





Png Free Simple Falcon Clipart - Falcon Clip Art Transparent PNG - 510x593  - Free Download on NicePNG

Begin unit on google Sketchup





Sketch Up

Go over the modeling tools





If you get done early!




















8 Online design websites we will use





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