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Business Dollars and Cents

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My First Business-4th Grade


Burger Restaurant is a fun, fast-food-making business simulation game where you get to make hamburgers, milkshakes and French fries for a living. It’s a Role Playing Game where you play the role of the busy waitress, serving hungry, stressed-out customers. They come out of nowhere and the atmosphere gets intense if they are waiting around for an order! You have to be Quick-On-Your-Toes to keep up!  

The goal of this restaurant manager simulation game is to help you learn how to run a successful food service business. You get penalized for wasting food and your restaurant’s potential earnings. Each day, you have a new challenge – a daily earnings target that you have to reach in order for your burger shop to survive. This is your job and livelihood, and you can’t mess it up, so BRING ON THE BURGERS! Happy cooking!




Choice Two




Theme Hotel is a challenging construction and management simulation game for older kids and teens where your goal is to build and maintain a *Five-Star* hotel. 











Coffee Shop -5th Grade


1. Play Coffee Shop on Cool Math Games

2. Keep track of the data on the Data Collection Sheet found on the 5th Grade Drive on the Server











Lemonade Stand

1. Play lemonade Stand from Cool Math Games

2. Keep Track of the inventory by using the Excel Spreadsheet on the 6th Grade Drive

3. We will run 3 Lemonade stands for the 1st and 2nd graders

     a. Create a Booth

     b Market and Price the product

     c. Determine Profit Loss


Third World farmer








Creating a Business Model

Project Business 7th Grade


Students will use the knowledge and skills they've learned and apply it towards creating an economically  successful business, using current technology tools. 






Things to think about



1. What Product or service will be at the heart of your business?


2.What are your start-up costs?



3. What are the positions in your Company?



4. Product/Service pricing. What are others in similar business charging? Is there a market for your product or service (AKA Will anyway buy the product or use the service.)


5. What will you do with the profits? How much goes back into the company and how much is used to pay for materials, equipment and salary?



Let's Begin

  1. Give your business a name that reflects the product you are selling or the service you are offering.

  2. Name your product,

  3.  Create an information product/brochure

    1. Company mission

    2. product/s description

    3. How to purchase (online, by phone over the net) 

  4. Develop an advertising campaign for your product,

    1. print

    2.  media 

    3. web 

  5. Prepare a proposal of startup costs

    1. materials

    2. office space

    3. salaries

    4. marketing budget

    5. targeted audience

    6. projected sales 

  6. Obsticals that your company must overcome

    1. competition

    2. weather


Assignment 1


#Create a Presentation to convince the bank to fund your business.  Include"

1. Name and type of business

2. Employees and job descriptions

3, Material costs (hardware tables chairs ect)

4. Utility costs

5. Mission 

6. Consumer targets

7. Product or service costs

8. Marketing Budget


Assignment 2

Create a marketing campaign to drive consumers to your business. Chosse several from the list below.










Business Cards-https://www.psprint.com/design-templates/business-cards/




Radio Ad-https://voicebunny.com/blog/the-definitive-guide-to-creating-online-radio-ads-that-convert/





Logo/slogan http://www.procato.com/slogan+generator/





Business Cards=http://www.vistaprint.com/business-cards.aspx?GP=04%2f05%2f2017+21%3a40%3a42&GPS=4352436290&GNF=0





TV Commercial- Try Powtoons, Animaker,Moovly


Website- This page has 10 free website makers https://www.moo.com/us/products/business-cards.h




Business proposal.pptx




Marketing for Project Business.docx














8th Grade


Run a hotel or business


Choice #1  Hotel Management




Game Corp is a highly interactive, entertaining and quirky business management simulation





Frontier takes you on an in-depth journey back in time to the Wild West, and the opportunity to choose between a life of dignified trade and nobility, or a life of thrills, spills and petty crime!







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